Manfred von Pentz

Manfred von Pentz

Manfred von Pentz began his career in advertising and the graphic arts. In the 70s and 80s he developed touristic condominiums in Spain, then retired to Italy and started to paint and to write. He has published a novel The Crimson Goddess. His paintings are available as posters.


George Soros

Hail the Ghoul!

Nov 19 2015

If pure, absolute evil needed one day to be translated into a singular eponym, George Soros would be the perfect choice. This is at least

Cultural Caviar

Good Scientists & Mad Scientists

Oct 22 2015

There are good scientists and there are mad scientists. The good ones have invented the safety pin, central heating, and Italian coffee machines. The mad


Lucifer’s Clowns

Oct 01 2015

You may not find it particularly odd if the president of the European Commission enfolds the president of the European Parliament into a loving embrace

Issue of the Century

When Morad Comes to Munich

Sep 25 2015

It can be safely assumed that Morad Almuradi will not come to Munich anytime soon. Because Morad delivered, and for this we should be truly