Nicholas Farrell

Nicholas Farrell

Nicholas Farrell, a graduate of Cambridge University, lives in Italy where he is a columnist for Libero and La Voce di Romagna. He was a staff reporter on the Sunday Telegraph in London before moving to Paris in 1997 to write a book on the death of Princess Diana and to Italy in 1998 to write a biography of Benito Mussolini and has contributed often to the British Spectator. He is working on a new book, Comrade Mussolini, about the revolutionary Socialist who founded Fascism because the First World War made him see that people are more loyal to country than class.

Crime and Punishment

General Nicolò Pollari

Outsourcing Torture

Feb 20 2013

Last week, Italy became the first nation to condemn and sentence to prison two of its own secret service chiefs for assisting the CIA in

Cultural Caviar

Cardinal Peter Turkson

Praying for a Black Pope

Feb 15 2013

Let us pray that the next pope is a black man. Better still, let it be a black African born and bred in the heart

Living the Dream

Silvio Berlusconi

Il Ritorno del Magnifico?

Feb 04 2013

I never used to believe in miracles before I came to live in Italy, but last week I witnessed the resurrection of a political corpse.


Women, Work, and Freedom

Jan 20 2013

Willingly or not, women play a starring role in the death of the West.  Women in Europe and America have made one great big fat


Gerard Depardieu

Becoming a Fiscal Ghost

Dec 27 2012

I admire the great French actor Gérard Depardieu. Not only does he annoy the French left, he has now left France. In so doing, he

Cultural Caviar

Losing My Dream House to the Apocalypse

Dec 16 2012

If it were not for the Apocalypse which is due any day now I would be the owner at last of a large stone farmhouse

Cultural Caviar

Alessandro Sallusti

Criminal Libel in the Spaghetti Republic

Dec 05 2012

Ah, Italia! Such a great place to get your head around great art and great women, but such a shitty little country. How else to

Cultural Caviar

Two Sweeps Over the Limit

Nov 28 2012

About a year ago an Italian judge ordered me, as a condemned criminal, to perform 166 hours of unpaid "€œlavoro socialmente utile"€ (socially useful work).

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When Italians Weren”€™t Cowards

Nov 18 2012

The Remembrance Day commemorations in honor of the war dead always prompt even me to think that the Italians"€™ reputation as a nation of cowards

Living the Dream

Italy’s Rotten Judges

Oct 28 2012

Day after day, Italian newspapers pullulate with deeply disturbing examples of the antics of Italy's judges. But this past week has been a vintage one

Cultural Caviar

The Sinking of Captain Coward

Oct 21 2012

Francesco Schettino, the 52-year-old captain of the cruise liner Costa Concordia, began his pretrial hearing last week in the small Tuscan city of Grosseto. The

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Eric Hobsbawm

Hobsbawm’s Choice

Oct 14 2012

They played "€œThe Internationale"€ at Wednesday's funeral of Eric Hobsbawm, Britain's "€œgreatest historian."€ No one took offense. Indeed, all felt uplifted. The mourners at the


Toga! Toga! Toga!

Sep 30 2012

In Italy"€”which is the next eurozone domino to fall after Spain, Greece, and Portugal"€”things are bad and getting worse. The mood here is one of

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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

What’s Wrong About Rights

Sep 23 2012

One of the reasons the West is in such deep trouble is that it has allowed "€œrights"€ to kill off what's "€œright,"€ as in "€œthat

Cultural Caviar

Every Woman Adores a Fascist

Sep 16 2012

In continental Europe, S&M seems to be a northern Teutonic phenomenon rather than a southern Latin one. The Germans, for example, are dead keen on

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Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini

Is Fascism Innately Anti-Semitic?

Sep 02 2012

Fascism is presumed to be intrinsically and violently anti-Semitic, and the fascists wanted to exterminate the Jews, right? Wrong. That was the National Socialists. The

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George Orwell

Which Way, George Orwell?

Aug 26 2012

The BBC has just rejected a proposal to erect a statue in honor of George Orwell outside its new London headquarters. The reason? As the

Cultural Caviar

Haunted by Demons

Aug 19 2012

In Britain, there are ghosts everywhere. Here in Italy, there are none. Our house is nevertheless infestata (haunted), according to my wife"€”not by ghosts but


Italy’s Solar Panel Gold Rush

Aug 12 2012

Everywhere I drive in the Italian countryside I come across fields that are now desecrated by ugly solar-power plants. These silver constructions would be aesthetically

Cultural Caviar

My Name Is Nicholas and I Am an Alcoholic

Aug 05 2012

I am an alcoholic, or what is called an alcoholic, and I still am an alcoholic, so they say, even though I gave up booze

Living the Dream

Temple of Heracles, Sicily

Dark Clouds Over Sicily

Jul 22 2012

Journalists call August the "€œsilly season"€ because according to legend there is no news and so their job requires them to use even more fantasy

Cultural Caviar

The Naked Tyrants of Dante’s Beach

Jul 15 2012

My wife has a little house in Lido di Dante, a beautiful beach just south of Ravenna where Dante himself died in 1321. The beach

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The Holy Roman Church of Football

Jul 08 2012

Yet again, a Catholic country has won a major international soccer tournament. Why are Catholics so good at kicking around soccer balls but so bad


Carlo Marx Meets Mario Tse Tung

Jul 04 2012

Italian communists always wanted a revolution in Italy, but I do not think that this is quite what they had in mind: A Chinese man

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Football Trumps the Euro

Jun 24 2012

This evening in the European soccer championships"€™ quarterfinals, the country where I was born in 1958 (England) plays the country where I have lived since

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The Rebel Cow of Predappio

Jun 17 2012

I was wading through the daily mire of newspaper headlines the other day about the deepening euro crisis and the latest rich or famous Italian