Nicholas James Pell

Nicholas James Pell

Nicholas Pell is a freelance writer whose work has appeared in VICE, Thought Catalog, Salon, LA Weekly, and Made Man. Prior to being a writer, he held just about every low-paying drudge job you can think of, from welder to warehouse clerk. A product of blue-collar New England, Pell currently resides in rural Ireland.

Cultural Caviar

The Church of Chick

Oct 31 2016

Jack Chick is dead, alas, and along with him any hope for new additions to his corpus of strangely endearing Evangelical scare tracts. Even those

Cultural Caviar

Steven Patrick Morrissey

Morrissey’s Greatest Hits

Aug 18 2016

It's time for Morrissey's periodic turn as a subject of two minutes"€™ hate. In a recent interview with, the British singer provoked fury with


Ted Cruz

Kamikaze Cruz

Jul 22 2016

The big news of the day: Ted Cruz declined to endorse Donald Trump. Instead, he used his RNC address to deliver an extended passive-aggressive slight.

Modern Weapons

Trouble Standard

Jun 11 2015

Charles C. Johnson is, so far as I can tell, the first and only person ever permanently banned from using Twitter. For those of you


Eggs Over Black

Jan 09 2015

Activists set a new low in terms of abject stupidity this week by haranguing brunching millennials in that known fascist stronghold we call Manhattan. Called

Cultural Caviar

Don”€™t Tread on Metal

Dec 26 2014

Every subculture must now be corralled into a wholly owned subsidiary of what's euphemistically called "€œsocial justice."€ Little did you know that even heavy metal


Against Stuff!

Sep 26 2014

You knew that climate change could be blamed for any kind of weather, but did you know that the underlying cause is not, in fact,


Ted Cruz’s Lying Circus

Sep 18 2014

It might be a naïveté stemming from my mere 34 years on earth, but is Ted Cruz not the worst charlatan since "€œMan of the

Diversity Training

The Coven at the Cathedral

Aug 21 2014

Labor Day weekend, now that Jerry Lewis has abandoned his famous telethon, must henceforth merely be known as the hour of the American Political Science

For the Children

Stop Me if You”€™ve Heard This …

Aug 14 2014

America has been at or on the verge of war with Iraq for as much of my life as I can remember. Now, the John

Cultural Caviar

Bad Kitty! Fascist Kitty!

Aug 07 2014

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how, in the age of political hypercorrectness, satire is now superfluous. Remember this when I tell you


Canada’s Mean Tweets

Aug 01 2014

Canada is nice in a totalitarian sort of way, like some lost episode of The Twilight Zone where no one locks their doors and everyone


Satire Is Dead. Long Live Satire!

Jul 24 2014

If you missed it, you missed out: one of the best comedy accounts in Twitter history (even better than @Vice_Is_Hip, which I long thought to

Culture Clash

Racists are Everywhere: Piledriver Edition

Jul 17 2014

In 2014, the business model for journalism (so-called) is as follows: manufacture some perceived outrage and let the delicious page views and ad revenues flow

Cultural Caviar

Activists for a Stupider Tomorrow

Jul 09 2014

Arizona State University, perennial favorite for "€œnation's least prestigious school,"€ is showing America why: students can now earn extra credit in a Women and Gender


Creepin”€™ Commie Killjoys

Jun 24 2014

This week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office cancelled six patents associated with embattled football team the Washington Redskins. The patent office found in favor

Modern Weapons

Varg Vikernes

Varg the Distresser

Jun 19 2014

Louis Cachet, the artist formerly known as Varg Vikernes and the mastermind behind one-man black (apparently now formerly) metal band Burzum, is back in the

Diversity Training

Saving the World From Book Clubs

Jun 10 2014

There was a time"€”or so I"€™m told, anyway; it was long before my day"€”when college kids thumbed their noses at authority, fiercely defended the freedom

Diversity Training

Michelle Obama

Witches and Snitches

Jun 04 2014

Watch out, codgers, curmudgeons and crackpots: Michelle Obama is enlisting your kids to monitor your thoughts. In a recent speech before five Topeka, KS graduating


The Care Bears vs. McCarthy

Apr 08 2014

Catholic libertarian Jeffrey Tucker recently introduced us to the concept of "€œlibertarian brutalism."€ The distilled version: Libertarianism is well and good, but can"€™t we do

Cultural Caviar

Trevor Blake

The Un-manual to Unman all Manuals: Trevor Blake

Apr 01 2014

At the nexus of Anton LaVey and Robert Anton Wilson lies Trevor Blake. In Confessions of a Failed Egoist and Other Essays, Blake combines The


Vladimir Putin

A Newer, Better Cold War

Mar 10 2014

In case you"€™ve been on vacation in an Internet-less corner of the world, you already know that Russia has a military presence in Crimea. And

Modern Weapons

Col. Oliver North

America Is a Communist Country

Mar 04 2014

When I was 19 I attended college briefly before dropping out and returning to my promising career of shifting aimlessly from job to job. During


Mencius Moldbug aka Curtis Yarvin

Overreacting to Neoreaction

Jan 29 2014

Mainstream liberal blogs have recently discovered the neoreactionary movement, also known as the Dark Enlightenment, which is a plucky collection of backward-looking upstarts that started


The Progressive Roots of Prohibition

Dec 17 2013

December 5, 2013 was the 80th annual Repeal Day, AKA the day that Prohibition was repealed. It is the highest holiday for me and my

Cultural Caviar

Dayna Morales

Peak Victimhood

Dec 04 2013

Dayna Morales is a waitress currently on suspension at Gallop Asian Bistro in Bridgewater, NJ. Ms. Morales is the most recent entrant into the growth