Fully Automatic Media

The tedium of the impeachment trial has at least allowed me to catch up on my reading. App...

Oy Vey!

The Genocide Bowl

Woke Culture is the haunting fear that white people somewhere may be happy. The Super Bow...
Michael Bloomberg


The Week That Perished

Did you ever get the sense that half of the world sees a completely different world than you do?


Dry January, or Not

I am glad to announce that the hysterical campaign orchestrated by abstemious Britons (rar...
Vince Vaughn


The Week That Perished

If the Times actually practiced journalism instead of peddling ideology, they would realize that to qualify as a “white nationalist,” much less an “open” one, someone would have had to have said, at least once in their 70+ years, something along the lines of “I desire an all-white nation.”

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