High Life

Isolation Nation

No use datelining anymore, I’m here for the duration. Even the ski lifts have been order...
King Juan Carlos I and Francisco Franco



Don Juan Carlos has been one of the best kings in the history of Spain. His work was essen...


Reasons for Hope

In the week since my column “Crushing the Coronavirus Curve,” Americans and Britons ha...
Lea Seydoux, Woody Allen, Rachel McAdams

High Life

Going Viral

GSTAAD—I was hoping to leave this virus-besieged village for the Bagel, especially after...

Vile Bodies

In a Fashion

Is changing one’s mind a sign of strength or of weakness? It depends on the circumstance...


The Week That Perished

It’s more likely that in Iran, the coronavirus will spread through the shrine-licking Muslim’s body rather than any of Allah’s wisdom.

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