Jim Goad

Jim Goad

Jim Goad is the author of four books, including The Redneck Manifesto.<img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=taksmag-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0684838648" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;"He is the former editor of "ANSWER Me!" magazine and currently hosts jimgoad.net. Though many people find him to be beneath contempt, he sincerely claims he doesn't know what the big deal is. At various points he has found employment as a radio host, a country singer, and a cabdriver. He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.



Hillary Clinton’s Cold, Cold Womb

Aug 01 2016

I don"€™t hate women"€”at least not all of them. But I hate a certain kind of woman, a kind that is depressingly prevalent yet woefully

Oy Vey!

Parthenon, Athens

A World Without Western Civ

Jul 25 2016

At the Republican National Convention last week in Cleveland, none of the speakers used the phrase “white people.” Anti-racists, however, need to make EVERYTHING about


Dear White People: Stop Apologizing

Jul 18 2016

All across America, white people are apologizing to black people for things they didn’t do and historical situations they had no hand in creating. While

Cultural Caviar

Micah Xavier Johnson

The Suspect Said He Wanted to Kill White People

Jul 11 2016

America’s modern race-obsessed progressive media exhibits symptoms of brainwashing that are so severe, they make North Korea look positively libertarian. To hear them tell it,


California State Capitol in Sacramento

He Who Stabs Last, Stabs Best

Jul 04 2016

Although modern leftists boast that they are on the “right side of history,” they continue working from a very old and comically outdated script. Not

Diversity Training

The Complexities of Living in a Culturally Diverse Society

Jun 27 2016

As a graduate of journalism school, it took me many years of tireless research to conclude that most journalists are so full of shit, it’s


Is Allah an LGBT Ally?

Jun 20 2016

During homo-slaughtering Islamist gunman Omar Mateen’s rainbow bloodbath at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub on June 12, he reportedly called 911 to pledge his support to ISIS.

Culture Clash

Mexplaining Mexican Pride

Jun 13 2016

The most feral and violent contingent of anti-Trump protestors appears to consist of unabashed Mexican supremacists falsely accusing Trump of being a white supremacist. They

Cultural Caviar

Muhammad Ali

The Greatest Anti-White Boxer of All Time

Jun 06 2016

Muhammad Ali, widely regarded as the world’s most famous man, died Friday at age 74. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, he was a titan both as

Cultural Caviar

Why Are Blacks And Asians So Darned Mean To Each Other?

May 30 2016

A horrifyingly racist Chinese detergent commercial threatens to drive even deeper wedges between the black and Asian communities, further impeding their righteous mission of uniting


Hillary Clinton

Election 2016: Chicks v. Dicks

May 23 2016

Should being a rapist disqualify a man from the nation’s highest office? What if he merely says mean things about chicks? From what I’ve been


White Slavery Denial

May 16 2016

The currently approved conceptual framework for American race relations dictates that whites"€”all of them, simply by dint of being white"€”are oppressors. Any deviation from this

Cultural Caviar

Lonnie Franklin, Jr.

Affirmative Action for Black Serial Killers

May 09 2016

It is unlikely that The Grim Sleeper will ever become nearly as famous as other LA serial killers such as The Night Stalker, The Hillside

Injured Parties

John Wayne

Down on The Duke

May 02 2016

Last week California lawmakers shot down a proposal to declare May 26th “John Wayne Day” in honor of the iconic actor’s birthday. At issue were

Issue of the Century

Palermo, Sicily

On the Mafia’s Doorstep

Apr 25 2016

The Mediterranean isle of Sicily has long been a lily pad for those who seek to hop between Africa and Europe. Over the millennia its

Cultural Caviar

Michelle Obama

A Handy Guide to Popular Social Justice Hashtags (And What They Really Mean)

Apr 17 2016

As everyone with two brain cells to rub together is well aware, a tremendous amount of social injustice exists in this so-called world of ours.

Cultural Caviar

Karsten Hauken

Grab Your Ankles and Let Them In

Apr 11 2016

Ladies, gents, and everyone who can’t decide what the hell they are, I believe we’ve found the Ethnomasochist of the Decade. Karsten Nordal Hauken describes


Decking the Red Whale

Apr 04 2016

Perhaps it’s the sadistic caveman in me, but I have a lifelong love for the “sweet science” of boxing. I especially love watching unstoppable knockout

For the Children

A Blizzard of Special Snowflakes

Mar 28 2016

It wasn’t quite the Kent State Massacre, but you wouldn’t know it from the students’ anguished wails. Last Monday morning, students at Emory University here

Cultural Caviar

I Have Met the Enemy, and He Is Easily Terrified

Mar 21 2016

Late-stage leftist moral hysteria has recently achieved an unprecedented level of earsplitting shrillness. To me, this suggests that the quixotic legions of social-justice crusaders aren"€™t

Modern Weapons

Donald Trump

No Safe Space for the Wicked

Mar 14 2016

One of the most inane verbal constructions in the modern leftist lexicon"€”right up there with “rape culture,” “white privilege,” and “transphobia”"€”is the idea that the

Modern Weapons

Did Africans Sell Africans Into Slavery? Let’s Ask Some Africans

Mar 07 2016

If there is a historical weapon more powerful and decisive than guns, it is certainly guilt. Those who seek to conquer will wield the primitive


Hillary Clinton

Madame Clinton v. The Super-Predators

Feb 29 2016

Pantsuit-wearing suspected oyster-gobbler Hillary Clinton likely sealed the Democratic presidential nomination last Saturday by whipping Bernie Sanders like a slave in South Carolina. Hoisted aloft


The author at the Atlanta, GA Donald Trump rally

Mr. Trump’s Economic Nationalism

Feb 22 2016

Yesterday I saw Donald Trump speak live at a rally in downtown Atlanta, and I stand here before God and man to report that not

For the Children

The White Guilt Educational Complex

Feb 15 2016

In celebration of Black History Month, the entire student population of a Virginia high school was assembled together in early February and forced to endure

Modern Weapons

Free Speech or Hate Speech? I’ll Take Both, Thanks

Feb 08 2016

Every so often the leftist dogma machine will spit out a mantra so innately nonsensical that it’s hard not to scream. The ludicrous idea that