Lit Crit

Secession Studies

Frank H. Buckley’s highbrow yet quick and lively new book American Secession comes with ...
Ilhan Omar


The Week That Perished

In case you were unaware—or, more likely, you were so keenly aware that you decided it was wise to keep your mouth shut decades ago, which is why you still have a job and aren’t homeless or in federal prison—we’re currently trapped in a culture that is so suffocatingly hostile toward dissenting opinions that it makes Pol Pot look like a free-speech absolutist.


Ranking Ruth

I recently unfairly baited the great baseball statistics thinker Bill James into respondin...
Tyson Fury


The Great Black Nope

Can a white man box a black man without making everything racial? Absolutely. It’s the b...
Francisco Franco


The Week That Perished

Socialists believe in equality and that all disparities in performance are due to hatred and greed rather than disparities in ability, which is supremely dumb.


An Age of Weak Men

“It’s one thing to deplore eugenics on ideological, political, moral grounds,” Richa...

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