David Cole

David Cole

David Cole, the “Jewish Holocaust Revisionist,” spent the past eighteen years as David Stein the “Republican Party Animal,” working with GOP higher-ups and blogging for major conservative sites. His “outing” provided many examples of cringe-inducing humor, detailed in his book “Republican Party Animal.”


The French Deflection

Dec 03 2015

No one plays "€œfollow the leader"€ better than leftists; no one can mindlessly copy talking points like they do. It's one of the reasons liberals

Afternoon Delight

Old White Guys and the Chuck Norris Rule

Nov 26 2015

As this is Thanksgiving week, I thought I"€™d take a break from Muslim terrorists and social justice warriors and all the other negative stuff to


Let the Bastards Be Scared

Nov 19 2015

In the early 1970s, Paramount decided to make a feature film based on the Star Trek TV series. An early story idea was presented by

Modern Weapons

Rise of the Victim Conquerors

Nov 12 2015

As Sweden crumbles under the weight of an unassimilable minority, as the Swedish foreign minister claims that her country is facing collapse due to a

Cultural Caviar

Give Me Back My Holocaust!

Nov 05 2015

What has the world come to when a Jew can"€™t exploit the Holocaust? And not just any Jew, but the prime minister of Israel. Oy

Cultural Caviar

The Last Laugh

Oct 29 2015

When a San Francisco high school principal named Lena Van Haren withheld student-body election results last week due to a lack of black and Latino


An Inopportune Rape (Or, How I Learned to Hate the Left)

Oct 22 2015

Did you hear? CNN took the photo of biracial Umpqua College mass killer Chris Harper-Mercer and turned him white! Lightened his skin, thinned his nose,

Guns and Ammo

That Every Mensch Be Armed

Oct 15 2015

I could see it in my website traffic: Someone in the public eye had said something stupid about Jews and guns. People were trying to

Diversity Training

Niqab Nightmare

Oct 08 2015

I rarely show much interest in Canadian politics. Truth be told, I think of Canadians as the friendly, quiet neighbors who keep their front lawn

Cultural Caviar

Hard Right, Easy Mark

Oct 01 2015

Joshua Goldberg is a walking stereotype of an Internet troll (Fat? Check. Lives with his mom? Check. No social life? Check). Through his complicated network

Injured Parties

Our Delicate Muslims

Sep 24 2015

A phone rings in the Oval Office. President Obama drops his practice club and rushes to his desk. Raising the handset of the turquoise-green, crescent-decorated


One Foot in the Bunker

Sep 17 2015

It was a bad night for Boris. Emmy award-winning composer Boris Zelkin (also known as the conservative pundit "€œLenin's Barber"€) and I had just engaged

Cultural Caviar

Queerer in the Bathroom

Sep 10 2015

Last week, a 17-year-old boy in a wig and a skirt made national headlines by demanding to use the girls"€™ restroom and locker room at


Curt Schilling

Nazis vs. Muslims: Who Hateth the Most?

Sep 03 2015

Poor Curt Schilling. Last week, the legendary pitcher dared to tweet about the two things you just don"€™t tweet about (or talk about or whisper


The Right’s Jewish Problem

Aug 27 2015

South Park loves taking shots at Hollywood leftists, and never was that done with more skill than in the episode "€œSmug Alert,"€ in which liberal


Bernie Sanders

The Revolution Will Not Be Emphasized

Aug 20 2015

Leftists truly understand the power of labels. They know that labels, properly utilized, have the ability to stigmatize and marginalize. "€œCisgender"€ is a perfect example.


Filling the Breitbart Void

Aug 13 2015

In February 2013, when my audience was composed primarily of mainstream Republicans, I wrote a column titled "€œMasturbating Conservatives."€ The right was still smarting from


A Dead Lion Brings Out the Left in the Right

Aug 06 2015

More and more, the Internet is becoming as predictable as the plot of a Michael Bay film. Every new social-media "€œoutrage"€ is inevitably followed by


Cheering the Hate-Crime Relay Race

Jul 30 2015

Something very morbid is going on in the press these days every time there's an act of violence by a person who might have racial,

Cultural Caviar

Leftist Legal Fictions and the Atheists Who Love Them

Jul 23 2015

I"€™ve never had much use for smug, arrogant leftist atheists like Bill Maher, Ricky Gervais, or Seth MacFarlane, whose smarmy "€œaren"€™t we ever-so-clever"€ attitude I


Reflipping the Script

Jul 16 2015

Unless you were living under a rock last week (or unless you have, you know, a life), you surely heard about Donald Trump's whirlwind anti-illegal-immigration


The Curious Incident of the “€œFag”€ in the Night-Time

Jul 07 2015

In the classic Sherlock Holmes story "€œSilver Blaze,"€ Scotland Yard's Inspector Gregory asks Holmes, "€œIs there any point to which you would wish to draw

Crime and Punishment

White Terrorists and Niggardly Limes

Jun 30 2015

On June 24, NBC News prominently featured a story on its website headlined "€œWhite Americans Are Biggest Terror Threat in U.S.: Study."€ Clicking the link

Cultural Caviar

Aryan Psycho Killers and Me

Jun 23 2015

The horrific mass shooting in a Charleston church is bringing out the best in all of us. I might be using the word "€œbest"€ incorrectly.

Modern Weapons

Leave Him to the Lions

Jun 16 2015

I had a mouthful of barbecue when the white South African calmly explained the proper way to dispose of a dead black man. The topic

Oy Vey!

Muhammad and the Sexy Nun

Jun 09 2015

Of all the contentious issues on the cultural and political scene today, the "€œdraw Muhammad"€ controversy seems to bring out the most unsavory types, on