Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer

Steve Sailer is a journalist, columnist for, and founder of the Human Biodiversity Institute, which runs the invitation-only Human Biodiversity discussion group for top scientists and public intellectuals. Steve blogs regularly at isteve and has recently published his first book, America's Half-Blood Prince: Barack Obama's Story of Race and Inheritance.


Deflating the Identity Football

Feb 04 2015

With identity politics and their accompanying political correctness in the news (as usual), it's worth considering how similar human urges play out in the world of sports.


Martin Luther King Memorial, Washington D.C.

Exhortation and Megalomania

Jan 28 2015

It's widely assumed, both by liberals and conservatives, that the fields of arts and entertainment innately induce egalitarian political leanings. Much of the prestige of


Clint Eastwood

Hollywood Sniper

Jan 21 2015

Clint Eastwood's Iraq war drama, American Sniper, reminds me that the central frustration of being a film critic is that there isn"€™t much opportunity to


L'arc de Triomph, Paris

Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité

Jan 14 2015

Last week's Paris massacres of cartoonists and Jews might suggest to a dispassionate observer that endless mass immigration to France from the continent of Africa

Cultural Caviar

Self-Made and Hyperwhite

Jan 07 2015

Over the last half-century, enormous efforts have been expended by individuals to get their groups, such as blacks, women, Jews, homosexuals, and Hispanics, certified as


Alan Turing

A Nerd for Our Times: Alan Turing

Dec 31 2014

Has the cult of Alan Turing finally jumped the shark with the well-made but tepid movie The Imitation Game, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the British mathematician



Dec 17 2014

The Progressive crack-up of late 2014 began in early November: the voters rejected the Democrats"€™ "€œCoalition of the Fringes"€ campaign themes of Ferguson, feminism, and


Intro to Megaphonics

Dec 10 2014

Last week, in the wake of the grand jury's decision in Ferguson and the ensuing night of undocumented shoppers, I was planning to write the

Cultural Caviar

University of Virginia

A Rape Hoax for Book Lovers

Dec 03 2014

Numerous identity politics uproars, such as Ferguson, Trayvon, and Duke Lacrosse, have turned out to be humiliating fiascos for the national press when all the facts are


Low Information Looters

Nov 26 2014

Months of egging on the mob in Ferguson, Missouri by the Obama Administration, the Democratic Party, and the national media in order to goose turnout


The Myth of the Golf Nazi

Nov 19 2014

For most of history, being a hereditary aristocrat was a good job. The only catch was the old concept of noblesse oblige, which suggested that

Cultural Caviar

Interstellar Stoic

Nov 12 2014

With the exception of the teeming masses of Philip K. Dick adaptations, science fiction movies (such as the new Interstellar) tend to be based on original screenplays rather


Kauai, Hawaii

Obama the Musical

Nov 05 2014

I"€™m writing this a day before the midterm elections and you"€™re reading it at least a day after, so I"€™ll focus upon a continuing feature

Cultural Caviar

President Barack Obama

A Small World

Oct 29 2014

Six years after he was first elected President of the United States, Barack Obama remains something of an enigma to the public he presides over.

Cultural Caviar

Oppression Juicing

Oct 22 2014

Liberals such as Barack Obama increasingly rely upon a verbal crutch of asserting that their opponents are on "€œthe wrong side of history."€ This neo-Marxist

Cultural Caviar

Rosamund Pike

Gone Girl: The Last Villainess?

Oct 15 2014

The denunciations of the hit mystery movie Gone Girl by feminists for daring to feature (spoiler alert) a scheming villainess rather than a brutish villain


A New Caste Society

Oct 08 2014

Last week I looked at the multiple ironies of the young Barack Obama's dismissive 1994 review of The Bell Curve. Today, 20 years after the

Cultural Caviar

Obama and The Bell Curve

Oct 01 2014

October 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of the publication of the most hated book in the history of the social sciences, the 845-page The Bell

Cultural Caviar

The Parthenon

From Taboo to Common Sense

Sep 24 2014

I"€™m sometimes accused of having created a vast secret corpus of sinister ideas that I keep carefully hidden away from the millions of words I"€™ve


Fair Play to Scotland?

Sep 17 2014

Thursday's referendum in Scotland on independence from the United Kingdom is difficult for contemporary Americans to understand, since secession has been unthinkable in the United


More Stinkin”€™ Thinkin”€™ in the NBA

Sep 10 2014

As you"€™ll recall, NBA team owner Donald Sterling was recently purged for being secretly taped objecting to his self-promoting mistress posting pictures online of the


The Birth of a Nation

Defending Film

Sep 03 2014

This was a bad summer for movies at the American box office, with total gross down 22 percent from last year. Revenue was the lowest


Golfing With the Fishes

Aug 13 2014

Malcolm Gladwell published in The New Yorker a long essay, "€œThe Crooked Ladder: The Gangster's Guide to Upward Mobility,"€ on how black drug dealers today

Cultural Caviar

James Brown

Get On Up: Godfather of Subtitles

Aug 06 2014

August has been turning into Black Movie Month. This year, Tate Taylor, the white guy from Mississippi who directed August 2011's The Help, is back


The Rise and Fall of Statistics

Jul 30 2014

We live in a century of nonstop adulation over how statistical analysis of big data is changing the world. Brad Pitt, for instance, starred in


The Wisest Thing Anybody Ever Said

Jul 23 2014

Whenever the Democrats whip up a feminist frenzy to win elections, as in 1992 and 2012, I"€™m reminded of a deflationary joke I"€™ve always seen