Jim Goad

Jim Goad

Jim Goad is the author of four books, including The Redneck Manifesto.<img src="http://www.assoc-amazon.com/e/ir?t=taksmag-20&l=as2&o=1&a=0684838648" width="1" height="1" border="0" alt="" style="border:none !important; margin:0px !important;"He is the former editor of "ANSWER Me!" magazine and currently hosts jimgoad.net. Though many people find him to be beneath contempt, he sincerely claims he doesn't know what the big deal is. At various points he has found employment as a radio host, a country singer, and a cabdriver. He lives in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Cultural Caviar

George Takei

Mr. Sulu v. Uncle Tom

Jul 06 2015

I’ve never seen a Star Trek movie and I"€™ve only seen one episode of the original TV series"€”the one with the Tribbles. Otherwise, the evidence

Modern Weapons

Redefining “€œHate”€ as “€œTerrorism”€

Jun 29 2015

Amid all the empty, gaseous, fear-mongering bullshit we constantly hear about “terrorism,” lost is the fact that what were arguably that USA’s first anti-terrorist laws

Heart of Darkness

A Racial Fort Sumter?

Jun 22 2015

Last Wednesday night, nine black men and women were shot to death at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC. As the young white male shooter

Cultural Caviar

Rachel Dolezal

Wigger, Pleeze!

Jun 15 2015

Sipping my iced coffee outside a café last Thursday night in Decatur, GA"€”a town with such a thriving lesbian ghetto that local wiseacres call it

Cultural Caviar

Revenge of the Goths

Jun 08 2015

The original Goths"€”those rude, hairy, smelly, bloodthirsty, rampaging barbarians who crushed the Roman Empire"€”would by any reasonable definition of the term be properly referred to


Evolution or Equality? (Pick One)

Jun 01 2015

It is impossible to simultaneously understand the theory of evolution and to believe in blank-slate cognitive equality among human groups of different continental origins. Both

Crime and Punishment

What if Those Bikers had Been, Like, Another Color?

May 25 2015

Only in America can the media take a deadly shootout among white and Hispanic bikers and somehow make it all about black people. And only

Cultural Caviar

Land of 1000 Microaggressions

May 18 2015

If a person of color feels offended by something a well-meaning white person said and no one knows they’re offended, is it still a hate


The Other White Meat

May 11 2015

Despite the ceaseless yippety-yap one hears about “white privilege,” the glaringly obvious privilege currently denied to white Americans is the privilege to feel OK about

Cultural Caviar

Baltimore, Marland

A Space to Destroy

May 04 2015

The smoke has cleared in Baltimore for now, and one of my favorite American cities is just a little bit less than it used to


Resisting Capitalism for Fun and Profit

Apr 27 2015

It's a sign of strength for a man to admit his weaknesses, which is why I freely confess that I am economically retarded. I know


Jeb Bush

Conveniently Latino

Apr 20 2015

About three weeks ago I had already grown Officially Tired of Election 2016, so I imagine the next year and a half will be torture

Cultural Caviar

Rape Culture…or Rape DNA?

Apr 13 2015

The April edition of International Journal of Epidemiology contains an article called "€œSexual offending runs in families: A 37-year nationwide study."€ A summary of the

Cultural Caviar

The Sin of Chivalry

Apr 06 2015

A very common sexist stereotype is that women are absurdly hypersensitive. Funny enough, these days that stereotype persists mostly due to the absurdly hypersensitive real-life

Cultural Caviar

The Most Selfish Suicide Ever?

Mar 30 2015

It's gotten to the point where every time that some crazed psycho deliberately crashes a plane into a mountain, some dimwitted enabler will rush to


Black People Don”€™t Drink Coffee

Mar 23 2015

Black people don"€™t drink coffee. There"€”I"€™ve said it. I"€™m generalizing, of course. Yes, I realize you have a black friend who drinks a lot of

Cultural Caviar

Little Five Points, GA

Blood at The Vortex

Mar 16 2015

It was still dark outside last Saturday morning when I was driving to get breakfast at a diner. A story came on the local radio

Cultural Caviar

Nonwhites Can”€™t Be Racist Cuz My Teacher Told Me So

Mar 09 2015

Although it was released over three years ago, there were audible sounds of indigestion online recently at the discovery of a textbook called Is Everyone

Cultural Caviar


Is it a Hate Crime to Call Madonna a Shriveled-Up Old Hag?

Mar 02 2015

Geriatric whore Madonna, that Italian slut who sucked and fucked her way to the top of the pop charts sometime wayyyyy back in the early


First They Came for the Albinos

Feb 23 2015

Is there a man among us willing to shed a tear for the poor persecuted albinos of modern East Africa? No? Tough crowd. OK, how

Modern Weapons

When Do Brownies Become Brownshirts?

Feb 16 2015

There's a fun new group for socially aware prepubescent girls of color in Oakland called the Radical Brownies. This fledgling organization is not affiliated with


Louis Vasquez (courtesy of Covina Police Department)

The Problem With Race Wars Among Minorities

Feb 09 2015

I can only guess that the reason you don"€™t hear much about black-versus-Hispanic violence in America is that you"€™re not supposed to hear much about

Afternoon Delight

Feminists to Trannies: Stay off our TERF

Feb 02 2015

As a connoisseur of leftist cannibalism, I enjoy watching the internecine squabbling of groups competing for the top spot on the hierarchy of oppression as

Cultural Caviar

Something’s Lousy at Dalhousie

Jan 26 2015

I"€™m sure that Canada was settled by tough people, but what the hell happened? Being fond of neither Canada nor Canadians, I jump at any

British Politics

James Goad

An Interview With James Goad

Jan 19 2015

James Goad is the Chairman of the Worcester City branch of the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP). Despite the best efforts of many to dismiss

Cultural Caviar

The Little Bomb That Couldn”€™t

Jan 12 2015

BREAKING NEWS!!!"€”A bomb may...or may not...have gone off near a Colorado Springs office of the NAACP last week, and it may...or may not...have been a