Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple is an author and retired doctor who has written for many publications round the world, including the Spectator (London), the Wall Street Journal (New York) and The Australian (Sydney). He writes a monthly column in New English Review and is contributing editor of the City Journal of New York. His latest book is Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality, Encounter Books.

Vile Bodies

Blubber Blame

A recent paper in The New England Journal of Medicine describes the use of surgery to redu...

Pop Music

Not a Fan

One should not speak ill of the dead, of course, especially of the recently dead, but it d...


Regime Strange

In Pyongyang I once nearly marched past the Great Leader himself (Kim Il Sung), but the Br...


In a Word

On 30 December, 2015, the French newspaper Libération had a huge word dominating its fr...
Francois Hollande


Against the Law

Credit where credit is due: President Hollande"€”who until then had never seemed à la...


For Crying Out Loud

A British judge is reported to have wept recently as he sentenced two murderers for a part...


A Quick Word

Last week I was irritated to receive an e-mail from the British Medical Journal asking me ...


Emission of Guilt

An old Australian judge of my acquaintance, an art collector and general connoisseur, now ...

Oy Vey!

Blah Humbug

Doctor Johnson wisely advised writers to strike out those passages in their own work that ...

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