Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple is an author and retired doctor who has written for many publications round the world, including the Spectator (London), the Wall Street Journal (New York) and The Australian (Sydney). He writes a monthly column in New English Review and is contributing editor of the City Journal of New York. His latest book is Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality, Encounter Books.

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Snuffed Out

Apr 05 2015

The least one can say of the psychiatric treatment given to Andreas Lubitz, the pilot who killed 149 people as well as himself in crashing


Enthusiastic Place Seekers

Apr 02 2015

We shouldn"€™t be irritated when politicians utter absurdities "€“ they are only doing their job, after all "€“ but nevertheless we are irritated. Unfortunately, different

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Sintra, Portugal

The Best of All Possible Worlds

Mar 29 2015

The late Simon Leys, the great Sinologist and literary essayist, once wrote a little essay on the first lines of novels. He was inspired to



Mar 22 2015

... such stuff as madmen Tongue, and brain not; either both, or nothing, Or senseless speaking, or a speaking such     As sense cannot

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Angkor Wat. Cambodia

Revolt Against Civilisation

Mar 15 2015

No one who reads Seyyid Qutb's book Milestones could be in any doubt that the destruction of ancient monuments by ISIS or the Taliban is


The Importance of Being Guilty

Mar 08 2015

Self-blame is no doubt salutary when one is truly blameworthy, but there is also a kind of self-blame that is exaggerated, insincere, grandiose, and exhibitionistic.

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I Believe You Will Agree

Mar 01 2015

Charb (Stéphane Charbonnier) was one of the people killed in the attack on Charlie Hebdo on 7 January this year. He was a writer and editor as well

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Feb 22 2015

Often I have thought, or supposed, that there must be a single unifying explanation of all the woes or social problems of the Western world,


Death, Taxes, and Anacondas

Feb 15 2015

Whether looseness of language is a consequence or a cause of looseness of thought I cannot say. No doubt it is sometimes the one and

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Redemption Through Cruelty 

Feb 08 2015

One little phrase in Le Monde's report of an incident in Nice"€”in which a man aged 30 called Moussa Coulibaly attacked with a knife three soldiers


Alexis Tsipras

The Despots of Democracy

Feb 01 2015

"€œLast night hope for real change brought the smiles back to Greek faces after five long years"€: that was a fairly representative statement in the

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Avoid Rich Foods

Jan 25 2015

Generally I don"€™t remember my dreams, and to judge by the few that I do remember I am rather glad that I don"€™t. Nor do I believe, pace Freud,


The Lamps Are Going Out

Jan 18 2015

Last night the streetlights in my pleasant little English market town were switched off at midnight. In fact they"€™ve been switching them off at midnight for two months,


François Hollande

Indifference or Obsession?

Jan 11 2015

From the unwanted compulsory television point of view, there are far worse airports than Paris Charles de Gaulle. At least no sound emanates from the

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Credit for Character

Jan 04 2015

Recently I went from Paris to London for lunch, returning for dinner. This is made easy nowadays, though not necessarily cheap, by the Eurostar train. 


The Allure of Omnipotent Explanations

Dec 28 2014

One buys books for peculiar reasons, and not only because they are good: for example, a few days ago I bought a book for its

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Peshawar Forever!

Dec 21 2014

When, a little more than 45 years ago, we arrived in the city of Peshawar from Afghanistan, it seemed a peaceful and romantic place. True


Torc Waterfall in Ireland

The Demand for Perfection

Dec 14 2014

I was in New York when Lehman Brothers collapsed, in Dubai when property lost half its value in a few days, and in Dublin recently

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Slavoj Žižek, the Ideal Fraud

Dec 07 2014

One stumbles across such interesting things on the Internet. For example, while browsing the Guardian newspaper's website today I alighted on a short video by the Slovenian


Dubious Cures

Nov 30 2014

Life is full of little ironies, one of them in my case being that I have more time than ever before, now that I have

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Plotting Unlikely Wonders

Nov 23 2014

Someone must have noticed that I waste a lot of my time, because I received today, through the Internet, an offer of a new method

Deep Thoughts

The Suffrage of the Insufferable

Nov 16 2014

One of the merits of Christianity at its best is that it reconciles the infinite greatness of man with his infinite littleness. On the one

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In Praise of Restraint

Nov 09 2014

On the whole I am in favor of freedom of expression, though sometimes I am equally in favor of freedom from expression. God preserve us from film


The Stubborn Allure of Simple Ideas

Nov 01 2014

One of the reasons I read the liberal newspapers when I am in Britain"€”apart from the fact that they are the best"€”is that they irritate

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The Twin Poles of Existence

Oct 26 2014

Life is a struggle, or at least a pendulum swing, between complacency and panic. No doubt most of us are more inclined by temperament to

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A Sense of Others

Oct 19 2014

Recently I violated my self-imposed code of conduct by appearing on television. It was for a so-called discussion program on which one of the subjects