Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple

Theodore Dalrymple is an author and retired doctor who has written for many publications round the world, including the Spectator (London), the Wall Street Journal (New York) and The Australian (Sydney). He writes a monthly column in New English Review and is contributing editor of the City Journal of New York. His latest book is Admirable Evasions: How Psychology Undermines Morality, Encounter Books.

Sergei Polunin


Pas de Duh

I read The Guardian and The New York Times as a fat man jogs: I think it will do me good. ...


Nothing on TV

I haven’t had a television for more than fifty years, and though some people tell me tha...


Tax on Capital

One of the most curious French verbs known to me, at least as used by journalists in the c...


Fair Is Fair

For reasons too convoluted for swift explanation, I looked into the annual Scottish figure...

All About Me

Lose Yourself

For a number of years I have been fighting a lonely one-man (or should I say one-person?) ...

Public Nuisances

Bad Form

My bank is large and I am small: Perhaps that is why it feels entitled to write to me so i...
Frankfurt, Germany


Eyesores Galore

Nearly three quarters of a century after his death, Hitler’s shadow continues to fall ac...

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