Cultural Caviar

Janet Yellin

Another Scary-Looking Janet

When Janet Reno’s face came up on my TV I always had to restrain a powerful urge to dive behind the sofa.


Nuts, Boobs, and Doom

A special Darwin Award should be given to Abdullah Ismail of Lahore, Pakistan “€” Rudyard Kipling’s old city “€” who died this week…

Cultural Caviar

Suicide of the West


Broadcast from the Aegean


San Bernardino, California

Dollops of Diversity

Cultural Caviar

Jamie Foxx

Starve the Beast!

When in the States, I keep my TV tuned exclusively to white channels.

Cultural Caviar

Say What?

Sam Flambee of Minnesota, recently released from a ten-year sentence for arson, has applied to become a firefighter.

Cultural Caviar

Insular Concerns and the World Outside

Does a young woman really need general anesthetic for a teeth scaling?

Cultural Caviar

Barack Obama and Eric Holder

Jackass: The Government

Cultural Caviar

Joe Biden


The most scurrilous theory is that Obama’s people wanted cast-iron insurance against assassination attempts.

Cultural Caviar

John Boehner

Republicans are Revolting

“If there is hope it lies with the proles,” says the hero of George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Cultural Caviar

Better Dead Than Rude

It’s called “liberty.” Oh, but perhaps it doesn’t fit in with Chicago values …

Cultural Caviar

Ruins of Detroit

Bestiality, Cannibalism, Royal Gastroenteritis, and A Gamy Ex-Dictator

The aristocratic class can do pretty much as they please, without fear of penalty or punishment.

Cultural Caviar

Election Special!

The attraction to Obama was mostly purchased through the time-honored method, fundamental to democracy, of shoveling public money to key constituencies.