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Avoiding Temptation

Paul Gottfried reminds us that Obama was recently awash in the praise of Republicans who have now turned on him ferociously.  He also writes: There were of course critics of Obama on the right, but these were not the people who counted. They were members of the now isolated Old Right, those whom the centrist […]

WFB vs. the Neocons

William F. Buckley Jr. might have allowed the neoconservative tendency in through the gates at NR, but he never quite surrendered to its charms”€”opposing, eventually, the war in Iraq and never evincing any kind of “€œdemocratist”€ sentiments. This is worth remembering while reading the gushing eulogies coming from the old and new guard of the […]

The Revolution and the Republican Party

If the Paul movement can persevere and cohere”€”neither of which is certain”€”it can go beyond a cult of personality and be a beginning rather than an ending. The challenge that awaits the thousands of activists who have been inspired by Dr. Paul isn’t to run and register under a new third party as the number of dedicated constitutionalists in Congress is reduced to zero. It is expanding the ranks of Ron Paul Republicans”€”and small-government supporters of all stripes”€”in a hostile political climate. That takes more than one man. It requires a real movement.

Militarism and Conservatism: Can this Marriage be Saved?

Today it is almost axiomatic that conservatives are nationalistic, interventionist, and overly fond of answering political problems with police or military solutions. The power of John McCain’s candidacy probably boils down, in the end, to the craving Republicans felt for a genuine war-time hero—after 8 years of being governed by a nattering chickenhawk and his […]

The Revolution and the Right

Ron Paul missed many opportunities to attract Republican votes. The Congressman did not really articulate a foreign policy, as opposed to telling Americans that the war in Iraq and almost all other wars the U.S. has engaged in during my lifetime have been “€œunconstitutional.”€ His attempt to place the problem of Islamic terrorism entirely at the doorstep of our government was also clearly an exaggeration: Islamic fundamentalism is a menace whether or not the neocons are trying to exploit it. Nevertheless, Paul could still play an indispensable role in the Right’s opposition to a McCain candidacy: a five percent vote for Paul running as a third-party candidate would make the point that we”€™re opposing McCain as Taft Republicans rather than antiwar Democrats. That may be the final service that Congressman Paul could render his now badly disappointed followers.

How Clinton-Hating Dumbed Down the Right

Reflecting on the sorry state of conservative causes in America is a temptation to self-pity, resentment, and salty thoughts of conspiracy. Likewise, the burbling descent of various rightist media down the intellectual bidet can be surely be attributed in part to certain organized interests, crassly selfish lobbies, and coteries of self-promoting mediocrities who blurb each […]

Ron Paul and Pius IX

I wrote here once before about the repartee that keeps the snarks flying between me and my beloved lady Texan. I noted that each of us treasures his own impossible dream. In mine, the Habsburg monarchy is restored in Central Europe, accepting the voluntary fealty of most of its historic realms (I don’t expect the […]

The Archaeology of Globalism

What is the new religion of globalism? It has become such a pervasive ideology that no single camp exists. Almost all elitists seem to buy into it “€” whether one is a neoconservative supporting war, a Wall Street investor backing free trade or a Hollywood liberal adopting God knows how many children from around the world “€” although they disagree on some points. At a minimum, globalism presupposes international integration. Thus, we infer three basic tenets of globalism: (1) interventionist foreign policies, (2) free trade and (3) mass immigration (illegal or legal).

Heil Hillary?

There is nothing substantive linking Fascism to the “€œliberal”€ academics Goldberg goes after in his book. Indeed I would have trouble finding any link between these subjects, save for the fact that “€œfascism”€ is now a hated abstraction among leftists and neocons; and so Goldberg can make Democrats angry by calling them “€œfascists.”€

Blacklisted By NR

Nothing I have read in National Review during my over 30 years as a subscriber shocked and angered me more than Ron Radosh’s nasty review of M. Stanton Evans’s Blacklisted by History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies. Why did the NR editors publish such a vicious and spiteful piece that irresponsibly slanders a respected former contributor? Were the editors ignorant of the magazine’s history and who Evans was? Or, were they trying to disassociate themselves from their pro-McCarthy past?

PC Ditto Heads

In November, I heard Robert F. Kennedy Jr. hold forth before a full auditorium at Kenyon College. RFK Jr. appears to rank second only to Al Gore in rabid environmentalist enthusiasm. It was he who last summer iterated what all of us knew already: that those who disagree with the environmental lobby on the topic […]

A Nation of Anti-Semites? Fech!

Recently I encountered a revelation in the New York Post that may startle my readers as much it did me. I discovered in a featured story “€œU.S. Jew Haters,”€ that a poll recently commissioned and carried out under the auspices of the Anti-Defamation League reveals that our country is awash in anti-Jewish bigotry. As much as 15% of those polled between October 6 and October 19″€”or “€œnearly 35 million Americans”€”€”believes that Jews “€œhave too much power in the U.S.”€

The Ron Paul Revolution

It would have been beyond belief just six months ago. I speak, of course, of the Ron Paul Revolution”€”and for purposes of this piece, I shall refer to it as exactly that, for at once it has been bringing revolutionary change to American politics, and most especially American radical politics, and is doing so at what increasingly looks like a revolutionary moment in American history. I write this as a member of the young generation that has been rallying to Ron Paul, creating a youth movement that is at least the rival of Gene McCarthy’s…

Back To Basics

Aside from its bizarre beers, its tennis star Justine Henin, the writer Georges Simenon, and the flamboyant Rexist leader Leon Degrelle, I know very little about Belgium. No matter. I am puzzled by a passing remark by Professor Paul Gottfried on this site last Thursday (“Marcus’s Mistake”). In his response to Marcus Epstein’s informative article […]