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Meghan’s Misery

Mrs. Clinton, who knows a thing or two about phoniness, praised Meghan Markle’s decision to speak of her “mental health” before tens of millions of her very closest counselors. Mrs. Clinton said it was brave of her, but brave was ...

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Crying Shame

It is difficult to tell the difference these days between what is the serious and the spoof. For example, I came across this recently, an article in the student magazine of University College, London: The benefits of a good cry are ...

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Rash Thinking

In a recent article, I mentioned the death of my friend, M…… D……, when I was 16 and he was but a few months older than I. He has been present in my mind more than usual for two reasons. The first, more or less respectable, is ...

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Guilt Complex

The selfie is perhaps the defining cultural artifact of our time. Me and the Mona Lisa, Me and the Pyramids, Me and the Colosseum, with the emphasis on the Me, of course; at least COVID-19 has put paid to all that for a time, as well as ...

Nighthawks, Edward Hopper

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People Are Overrated

Solitude is a blissful disengagement from the horrors of modern-day life, even if forced upon us by a government lockdown. The trouble with the present situation is the idiot box. The enforced solitude would be a blessing—it tends to ...

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Full Bore

I used to think that the walls of my flat in Paris were solid enough to be soundproof; until, that is, the new tenant moved in next door. He was not an unpleasant young man (of about 30 years old). He had the look of an intellectual, ...

Philadelphia, PA

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Coronavirus and Social Unrest

The coronavirus hostilities are increasing, it seems. Last week, I called up Paul Gottfried about something he wants me to write for Chronicles. As soon as he answered the phone, the old scholar launched into a rant about how difficult ...

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Off the Rails

I have long thought that if it were not for complaint, we should have very little to talk about. Complaint is like crime in the theories of the first real sociologist, Émile Durkheim: It is the glue of society. Without opposition to ...

Pete Buttigieg

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Straight Talk

Pete Buttigieg’s success in Iowa has, according to The Washington Post, “unleashed emotion” among Democrat party members and reignited the question of “whether a gay person or a straight person had a better chance of beating ...

Prince Harry

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A Desperate Search for Uniqueness

O Hamlet, what a falling off was there! The contrast between Prince Harry and his grandmother is not only that between one generation and another, but between one conception of life, one culture, and another. I know which I prefer, but ...

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Uneasy Virtue

We do not live in a golden age of the four cardinal virtues; perhaps there never was such an age, which is why life has always been such a mess. But we have gone further than our predecessors. I suspect that most of us would now be ...

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A World Empty of Moral Meaning

A friend who is a doctor told me—and therefore it must be true—that a well-known social media site has decided that from now on it will not publish how many people “liked” what people had posted on it because some posts ...

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