Cultural Caviar

Bono, Geldof, and Hibernian Humanity-Huggers

The guests were singing maudlin folksongs trying to drown out the TV's noxious noises. Liv...

Cultural Caviar

Keeping Standards High in Clubland

"€œIn the Bengal Club at Calcutta they don"€™t allow dogs or Indians, but in the Yacht...


Yikes! The Left Makes Me Wince

The left isn"€™t good at many things, but they are Iron Chefs at the art of being embarr...

Cultural Caviar

Let Them Eat Paint: It’s Time for a Separation of Art and State

Philadelphia's City Hall is a towering masonry masterpiece, an ornate and stately 548-foot...

Kids Today

Sex and Consequences at Purdue University

"€œThe only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform."€ "€”Alfred Kinsey,...

Film and Society

Beyond the Hubbub of Aaron Sorkin’s The Social Network

In the Internet Age, an increasing fraction of media "€œcontent"€ is generated by you...

Cultural Caviar

Anish Kapoor Visits Kensington Gardens and Hamptons Film Fest Kicks Off

Plus, Neruda’s life gets the operatic treatment, a docu exposes Springsteen’s creativity, and a politician rocks Broadway


Viva Christianity!

Albert Einstein's damning-if-quirky verdict on Marie Curie's character was that she "€œh...

Cultural Caviar

On Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative

Something called the Clinton Global Initiative has been brought to my attention by an AP d...

Culture Clash

Beyond the Burqa: America’s Role in Regulating Taste

France's recent "€œBurqa Ban"€ has provoked all the global indignation and murderous ...


When in Doubt, Blame the Teachers

In case you haven’t caught any of the buzz about the movie, or seen Steve SailerR...

Cultural Caviar

American Boarding Schools: No Boot Camp For Boys

As the herds of wildebeest migrate in October and November, when the short rains come, fro...

Film and Society

Guggenheim’s Waiting for “Superman” is Shoddy Filmmaking at Best

Davis Guggenheim's much-publicized documentary with the meaningless title of Waiting for "...

Cultural Caviar

David Sedaris”€™ Animal Tales, D.C.’s Gay Art, and Ari Onassis on the West End

Plus, Ben Harper’s new super group, a spellbinding John Lennon biopic, and London’s Fetish Weekend