Noble Lies Are for Children: A Q&A With Jared Taylor

Jared Taylor is the founder and editor of the American Renaissance website and monthly new...


Four Family Problems, Three Bitchy In-Laws, Two Twins a-Bathing, and a Child-Smackin”€™ Nasty Granny

Dear Delphi, I am a father of three sons and am having two of them with their children an...


Is it Better to Be Misunderstood or Ignored?

After I recently savaged Rich Lowry's syndicated review of Deirdre McCloskey's book Bourge...


Casino Jack: Homo Conman Politicus

Casino Jack is a consistently amusing biopic starring Kevin Spacey as the manic, bull-neck...

Cultural Caviar

The Swiss Love Tobogganing & the Louvre Gets Introspective

Plus, Sofia Coppola’s latest and the Duchess of York gets the E! True Hollywood treatment.

Royal Watch

Queen Elizabeth II

Back on With Their Heads, Please

The Queen of England announced she was "€œabsolutely delighted."€ The Prince of Wales...

Vile Bodies

The Thong Remains the Shame

Semper ubi sub ubi. "€”Juvenal When Dorothy Parker said, "€œBrevity is the soul of l...

Cultural Caviar

A Sorkin Excuse of a Man

I read an article the other day in The Huffington Post by Aaron Sorkin, screenwriter of A ...


Fame! I”€™m Gonna Be Harassed Forever

"€œI always want to say to people who want to be rich and famous: ‘Try being rich ...


Always Lie About Cheating, Call Social Services, and Get Your Wife a Boob Job

Dear Delphi, I cheat on my wife almost every time I go on a business trip. I feel badly, ...


The Fighting Irish

On Friday, I was shocked like the rest of America to learn that Richard Nixon had been tap...

Cultural Caviar

Joan Rivers”€™ Last Laugh, Warhol’s Steamy Films & Rockwell Hits London

Plus, new songs from Michael Jackson, a “€˜Green Hornet”€™ Mythbusters, and a Parisian circus.


The Secular Fatwa on Julian Assange

In February 1989, Ayatollah Khomeini issued a fatwa inciting the faithful to murder author...


Posthumously Pardoning the Lizard King’s Penis

Sixties rock deity Jim "€œThe Lizard King"€ Morrison's bloated corpse was found in a ...