Dried-Up, Chatted-Out, Dirty, and Hungover

Dear Delphi, I am a 65-year-old man. I just got my 2nd divorce. I was wondering: Do I hav...

Cultural Caviar

Dia de Los Muertos Returns, Jon Stewart Rallies & Andrew Bird Soars

Plus, a haunting new Brooklyn Museum exhibit, Halloween trashes the Village, and poor Justin Bieber is mocked by his elder.


Multiculturalism is Dead, So Where Do We Bury the Body?

I"€™ll never forget a painting I saw at a West Berlin youth hostel in 1985. The backgrou...

Cultural Caviar

Christopher Hitchens: Party Pooper

The recent study that showed atheists know more about religion than believers says tomes a...


Lady Gaga

The Passing Scene

I don"€™t care that Mel Gibson lost it a little.  He is still one of the best actor...


Cybershark Feeding Frenzy

The perverse coupling of surveillance and exhibitionism forms a cornerstone of American te...

Cultural Caviar

The Great Escape

"€œI wouldn"€™t like to go to prison,"€ said Gimlet. "€œThe idea is a very unplea...

Real Life

The Solipsism of John Edgar Wideman

I hadn’t heard of John Edgar Wideman before reading his October 6 op-ed in The New Y...


Mind Your Manners and Blame Hollywood

Dear Delphi, I detest my brother-in-law. He is close to 40, unemployed, lazy, and arrogant...


Israel’s Great Loyalty Oath Crusade

Captain Black from Catch-22 is back, but this time he's Israel's Foreign Affairs Minister....

Film and Society

Clint Eastwood’s Career Enters the Hereafter

Baseball statistician Bill James's most sobering discovery is that players peak at such a ...

Vile Bodies

Semper Fi

For about an hour I watched the Columbus Day Parade from the rise of Lenox Hill at 71st St...

Cultural Caviar

Herb Ritts”€™ Golden Moment, Pee-Wee Hits Broadway & Elton’s New Partner

Plus, Sunflower seeds invade Tate Modern, In Treatment hops back on the couch, and Clint Eastwood contemplates death.

Cultural Caviar

Rupert Murdoch: the “Populist” Plutocrat

Few causes could get the heads of the BBC, Channel 4, the Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, Gua...