Cultural Caviar

Anish Kapoor Visits Kensington Gardens and Hamptons Film Fest Kicks Off

Plus, Neruda’s life gets the operatic treatment, a docu exposes Springsteen’s creativity, and a politician rocks Broadway


Viva Christianity!

Albert Einstein's damning-if-quirky verdict on Marie Curie's character was that she "€œh...

Cultural Caviar

On Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative

Something called the Clinton Global Initiative has been brought to my attention by an AP d...

Culture Clash

Beyond the Burqa: America’s Role in Regulating Taste

France's recent "€œBurqa Ban"€ has provoked all the global indignation and murderous ...


When in Doubt, Blame the Teachers

In case you haven’t caught any of the buzz about the movie, or seen Steve SailerR...

Cultural Caviar

American Boarding Schools: No Boot Camp For Boys

As the herds of wildebeest migrate in October and November, when the short rains come, fro...

Film and Society

Guggenheim’s Waiting for “Superman” is Shoddy Filmmaking at Best

Davis Guggenheim's much-publicized documentary with the meaningless title of Waiting for "...

Cultural Caviar

David Sedaris”€™ Animal Tales, D.C.’s Gay Art, and Ari Onassis on the West End

Plus, Ben Harper’s new super group, a spellbinding John Lennon biopic, and London’s Fetish Weekend

Race and Supremacy

Diversity Down Under

May I quote myself, please?  Thank you. The remarkable thing about the Diversity cul...


Ben Affleck’s The Town is a Perfectly Executed Heist

The Town, set amidst the fading (but increasingly fashionable) Irish-American underclass o...

Cultural Caviar

Go Away Perez Hilton, and Take Your Purse With You

So you"€™re here and you"€™re queer. Get over it. You"€™ve made your point and shove...

Cultural Caviar

The Prat Collection in Sydney, Matt & Kim’s Sidewalks, and Jenny Slate’s Marcel

Plus, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Amy Ryan in Jack Goes Boating, Jazz at Lincoln Center tr...

International Affairs

The French Problem

Is this a Jewish joke or a Gypsy joke? What do you get when a Jew and a Gypsy go into bus...

Cultural Caviar

The Venice Biennale Gone Evil

Avant-garde is an epidemic.  From modern architecture—an added misfortune, like...