Katharine Hepburn and the Tomboys Who Followed

It’s hard to open a fashion magazine or celebrity rag this year without reading tomboy-this or boyfriend cut-that. Twenty years ago, however, or even five, the word tomboy, both as a noun and an adjective, was—let’s ...

Royal Watch

In Defense of Fergie

It’s a classic, archetypal story: build somebody up, only to tear them down. Sarah, Duchess of York, has embarrassed the royal family yet again, and now the public and press are enjoying open season on the erstwhile ...

Pop Music

Why I Quit Touring with The Black Eyed Peas

Last year I toured with the Black Eyed Peas on their Japan/Australia run. It was dubbed The E.N.D. - World Tour, which was appropriate. The production is a dazzling metaphor for the end of civilization. As I get older, I frequently ...

High Society

Fashion Wrap: The Met Gala Disappoints

         A panoply of dreary frocks and ill-conceived looks appeared on the red carpet at this year's MET Costume Institute gala. What a disappointment! Anna Wintour, Andre Leon Talley, and Hamish Bowles ...


Back Off, Michelle McGee

Amateur philanderers like Bill Clinton, Elliot Spitzer, Tiger Woods, and Jesse James have reduced themselves, their wives, and their lovers to widespread ridicule.  These men might take lessons from my father, who has been obliging ...

High Life

Memo to Socialites: Ditch the Birkin, Save a Fish

New York seems to be full of people who go to shop openings and social events just to be seen. I don"€™t much care for these parties because I would rather see my friends privately, and have an actual conversation, than feign interest ...

In Vogue

Oscar Fashion Wrap: What The Red Carpet Taught Us

Last night, the world stopped what they were doing and tuned into the red carpet event of the century, the 82nd Academy Awards. Since 1929, regular folk have been dazzled by the likes of George Clooney, James Cameron, and Gabourey ...


Snowdon-Jones Is Not British Royalty

It’s hardly rare for social climbers on one side of the Atlantic to claim connections with part of the elite on the other side. We had in the UK just recently some no name from flyover country insisting that he was a Rockefeller. ...

Deep Thoughts

Empty Promise, Barack Obama and the Death of the American Dream

Once upon a time, there was the American Dream, “€œthat dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone,”€ as James Truslow Adams described it in his book The Epic of America (1931). Today we have the American Promise. Unveiled by Barack Obama in his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, the Promise is about balancing freedom with responsibility, cutting taxes, installing a government that “€œhelps”€ people rather than “€œhurts”€ them, and ending U.S. dependence on Middle Eastern oil. According to Obama, the very “€œessence”€ of the American Promise is this: “€œIndividual responsibility and mutual responsibility.”€

Cultural Caviar

Hitler’s Deadliest Enemy: Pius XII

I spent much of winter 2006 butting heads with a cantankerous nun. Thankfully, it happened via email, and in no way resembled the battles with hirsute radical feminists in stretch jeans that ate up most of my high school years. No, I ...

Cultural Caviar

Ron Paul and Pius IX

I wrote here once before about the repartee that keeps the snarks flying between me and my beloved lady Texan. I noted that each of us treasures his own impossible dream. In mine, the Habsburg monarchy is restored in Central Europe, ...

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