Diversity Training

Creepin”€™ Commie Killjoys

This week, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office cancelled six patents associated with embattled football team the Washington Redskins. The patent office found in favor of five Native Americans (not five grievance groups, mind you, but ...

Diversity Training

Saving the World From Book Clubs

There was a time"€”or so I"€™m told, anyway; it was long before my day"€”when college kids thumbed their noses at authority, fiercely defended the freedom to openly exchange ideas, and demanded something other than more money for ...

Michelle Obama

Diversity Training

Witches and Snitches

Watch out, codgers, curmudgeons and crackpots: Michelle Obama is enlisting your kids to monitor your thoughts. In a recent speech before five Topeka, KS graduating classes, Mrs. Obama encouraged young people to "€œask the hard ...

Diversity Training

T.G.I. Fridroids

Recruitment software start-up Entelo just released a brave new product: Diversity. This "€œproprietary algorithm"€ scours the Internet to determine the sex and ethnicity of prospective employees, then assembles an all-star equality ...

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