Rethinking the College Education Racket

Although American higher education has been terribly dumbed down since the late 1960s, it still has considerable practical value. College graduates earn more money, enjoy better health, and are less likely to get divorced than those who ...

Rhodes House, Oxford


Masochistic America

Released last Saturday, this year’s list of American Rhodes Scholars is a remarkable document. For, judging by the moral values evidenced in it, we’d hardly know that these rather accomplished young people are Americans. Consider ...


Why I Don’t Have a High School Diploma

When Mike Wallace, the decaying corpse from that venerable CBS sleazefest 60 Minutes, profiled me in March 1994, the cadaverous charlatan described me as a “high school dropout.” His wording, like his reporting, was inaccurate. ...


The Case for Gender-Segregated Universities

It is an old theme of literature that men and women, in the throes of passion, tend to fool themselves and each other. As Schopenhauer argued in “The Metaphysics of Love” (1818), the strange business aids the survival of the ...

Stuyvesant High School


Is Mayor de Blasio an Anti-Asian Bigot?

“Though New York City has one of the most segregated schools systems in the country,” writes Elizabeth Harris of The New York Times, until now, Mayor Bill de Blasio “was all but silent on the issue.” He was ...

Gettysburg College


Let the Colleges Die

At a symposium in May, Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen predicted that “50 percent of the 4,000 colleges and universities in the U.S. will be bankrupt in 10 to 15 years.” Christensen appears to be onto ...

Walter Reed Middle School



In the 1997 film Face/Off, Cage and Travolta swap faces. Welcome to L.A. 2017, where parents swap races. Folks often ask me how I came to attend an all-black high school. Alexander Hamilton High (“Hami”) was supposed to draw evenly ...

Emerson Hall, Harvard University


Not Affirmative Enough

Affirmative action privileges for blacks and (to a lesser extent) Hispanics have been a near-universal feature of college admissions for what is now approaching a half century. What have we learned since the late 1960s? Perhaps the ...


Chicago Hope

In Chicago, the kids aren"€™t all right. Graduation rates within its public schools were recently downgraded after a "€œstatistical error"€ overinflated the numbers. News of shootings is a near-daily occurrence. President Trump ...


What if Charles Murray Is Right?

The extraordinary decline in the cost of sequencing a whole human genome, from $10 million in 2008 to $1,400 by late 2015, means that in the coming years science will almost certainly be able to answer the Charles Murray question: Are ...


Trump U

Donald Trump is not the most scholarly American, but he could do education a bit of good. It's not even all that necessary for Trump to appoint effective administrators to key roles in the Department of Education and in the civil ...


Crevasses in the Classroom

Where are racial gaps in school test scores worst? Ironically, where liberals are most dominant. The new national database of school-district test scores created by education researchers at Stanford and Harvard reveals that the single ...

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