Lilo Acts Out in Court and Conan Gets Revenge

It was finally judgment day for Lindsay Lohan, and the former Mean Girl is going to jail. After an exhausting day in court earlier this week, Lili was found in violation of her probation for not attending alcohol education classes on ...


Every Day of LiLo’s Life is Freaky Friday

Lindsay Lohan is taking public embarrassment to absurdly new heights. At a party celebrating young Hollywood, she was lambasted  by Perez Hilton, but barely seemed coherent enough to realize the insult. She then got into a Twitter ...


One Mistress, Two Mistress, Three Mistress, Door?

While you were sleeping, more women were claiming they"€™ve slept with Sandra Bullock's (hopefully soon-to-be ex) husband Jesse James, and although his mistress count hasn"€™t reached a Tiger-level of absurdity, things don"€™t ...

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