Heckle Nation

Back in the ’80s I worked comedy clubs, and, depending on the night, the venue, the crow...

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Donnie and Jong Un, BFFs

SupremeCommanderDude: Hey, you up? What time is it there? The sun already saluted me three...


One California Is Enough

NEW YORK—This November, California is gonna vote on dividing itself into three states. T...

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Last Judgement by Fra Angelico

Pope Forgets the Lake of Fire

NEW YORK—Pope Francis was chatting with a flamboyant Italian journalist named Eugenio Sc...

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Torch Those Bikinis!

NEW YORK—I don’t know about you, but I’m circling my calendar and stocking whiskey f...

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Falcon 7X

God Apparently Flies First Class

MARSHALL, Tex.—The most frightening thing about Jesse Duplantis is that I think he truly...

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“Hey, Look, I’m Driving a Giant iPhone!”

NEW YORK—Question: How can you tell the difference between Elon Musk and an ordinary Tes...

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My Name Is Joe Bob, and I’m an English Major

JUPITER, Fla.—I feel like I need to confess my addiction, like a newbie in a 12-step pro...

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Buffalo Bill

The Gloom and Doom Generation

WEST ORANGE, N.J.—When I was a young man, and the editor, or the producer, or the execut...


THESE Are Mueller’s Questions?

PORT ORCHARD, Wash.—So, yeah, it’s kind of obvious why Robert Mueller’s “secret qu...

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Hunter S. Thompson

Why It Was So Easy to Nuke the White House Media Stuffed-Shirt Dinner

NEW YORK—Leave it to a bunch of self-important self-righteous self-serious journalists t...

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Yo! Gwyneth! Shut Up!

NEW YORK—Several hundred emails pour in each week asking me about the Joe Bob Wellness R...

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Scott Pruitt

Reviewing the Plots Against the Clean Water/Clean Air Guy

NEW YORK—At first I was just like everyone else. Why would Scott Pruitt, the head of the...

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San Francisco Hugs a Possum

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn.—Just when those New Zealand possum jackets started to take off, San F...