Lit Crit

Surfer Privilege

How high of a standard of living did young baby boomers enjoy, especially those of us fort...

Lit Crit

Tribal Counsel

Remember the supermarket scene near the end of the Iraq War movie The Hurt Locker? Jeremy ...

Lit Crit

Getting Schooled

My old friend Raymond Wolters, a professor of history at the U. of Delaware for 50 years, ...
Colin Quinn

Lit Crit

True Colin

It's informative to compare two current memoirs focused upon race: the rapturously welcome...

Lit Crit

Phantoms of Terror

Phantom Terror, by Adam Zamoyski (Basic Books, 2015). Born in America and raised in Brit...

Lit Crit

Twit Planet

In 2005, a microbiologist from Maryland started a humble blog dedicated to his exploits ...

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