Lit Crit

The End of Adventure

Judith Schalansky. Pocket Atlas of Remote Islands"€”Fifty Islands I Have Not Visited and...

Lit Crit

Replicants of Bombay

Jeet Thayil. Narcopolis. London; Faber & Faber, 2012. 292 pp. Jeet Thayil's debut no...

Lit Crit

Joe Sobran

The Late, Great Joe Sobran

Joseph Sobran: The National Review Years. (Vienna, Virginia: FGF Books, 2012.) Recently I...

Lit Crit

Mickey Rourke and Kim Basinger

Fifty Shades of Frustration

Now that I have been sucked into the vortex that is the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy, I am...

Lit Crit

Perish the Euro

The latest bestseller by German economist Thilo Sarrazin, a former member of the Bundesban...

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Gaston Gaston 1883

Social Science v. Social Engineering

In his impressive first book, Uncontrolled: The Surprising Payoff of Trial-and-Error for B...

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Spike Lee

The Self-Righteous Hive Mind

Haidt, Jonathan. The Righteous Mind: Why Good People Are Divided by Politics and Religion....

Lit Crit

The Rent May Be Too Damn Low

On May 14, 2011, Matthew Yglesias, a prominent Washington, DC liberal blogger and proponen...

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Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan: The Noble Relic

Has Pat Buchanan been fired from MSNBC, or hasn’t he? He hasn’t been seen on t...

Lit Crit

Too Fat to Fit Through the Eye of a Needle

Charles Murray is a genius with a bad idea. Murray is an expert on IQ, but while not even ...

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Michelle and Barack Obama

The Obamas: Not Quite the Huxtables

In her new book The Obamas, Jodi Kantor, a New York Times White House correspondent, recou...

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Leo Strauss

The Neocons’ Intellectual Codpiece

My first exposure to Straussian ideas was in college via a photocopy handout of passages f...

Lit Crit

The Irrational Agent

Perhaps the most lauded book of 2011 was Thinking, Fast and Slow by the Princeton psycholo...

Lit Crit

The Year Is Almost Over—Is the World?

Things aren’t looking too good these days, says Slavoj Zizek in his latest book, Living ...