Harold Bloom

Lit Crit

The Cultural Levelers Lose a Formidable Foe

The cultural levelers lost a formidable foe this week, the literary critic Harold Bloom dy...

Lit Crit

LARPing Hate

Hate Crime Hoax: How the Left Is Selling a Fake Race War is a timely and witty new book fr...
Royce Hall, UCLA

Lit Crit

Delusion on Campus

In her new book The Diversity Delusion, Heather Mac Donald takes on identity politics far ...

Lit Crit

Surfer Privilege

How high of a standard of living did young baby boomers enjoy, especially those of us fort...

Lit Crit

Two Opposed Ideas

A new contender in the war of books over the implications of the onrushing discoveries in ...

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