Looking Back

War is Hell

Thinking about Syria, I"€™ve been rereading The End: The Defiance and Destruction of Hitler's Germany, 1944"€“45, Ian Kershaw's brilliant and comprehensive study of the German home front in the last ten months of Hitler's war. It ...

Ernest Hemingway

Looking Back

The Importance of Being Ernest

Like many who had read, enjoyed, and admired Hemingway, I read A.E. Hotchner's memoir Papa Hemingway soon after it came out. That would have been four or five years after Hemingway shot himself. Even before then I doubt if many bought ...

Looking Back

2016: The Year the Left Broke

If 2015 was the year of the tranny, 2016 was the year of the cuck. Comedy became a venue for social justice whiners and sex became rape. While castigating white men for letting Trump happen, blacks rioted in the streets based on ...

Ben Shapiro

Looking Back

The 16 Most Annoying People of 2016

Considering the state of this world, it is perfectly understandable to find oneself being constantly annoyed. As each year winds to an end, I find myself surveying the past twelve months and thinking about who annoyed me. I have ...

Looking Back

The Aborted Birther

At long last, our traumatic national nightmare has finally come to a close, all thanks to Donald Trump, who last week loudly proclaimed to all who would hear that President Obama was indeed born in the U.S. Well, that's a relief! Trump ...

Vincent van Gogh

Looking Back

Diagnosing the Dead

Beginning with Roger Fry's elevation of Vincent van Gogh to secular sainthood, the Dutch painter first became a middlebrow, then a mass-market, martyr. For those who find the Real Thing (or their idea of Him) inconveniently demanding, ...

Looking Back

The Day America Stumbled

Yesterday morning in Manhattan while attending memorial services for the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, Hillary Clinton left prematurely and stumbled while multiple handlers attempted to gently shove her into a sleek black escape ...

Ronald Reagan

Looking Back

One for the Ages

Whatever the result of this decidedly odd presidential election may be, one thing is clear: The next occupant of the White House will be old enough to qualify for a place in a retirement home. Of course, people in general age more ...

Moscow Kremlin

Looking Back

Putin 1 – International Vampires 0

The accusation that Putin has a connection to Trump, so widely repeated now by the corporate media and the Democrats with whom they coordinate, is nothing new. It also came up in the primaries. Republican political operatives and the ...

Looking Back

When the Trumpet Sounds

The long-delayed, long-awaited Chilcot report into the Iraq War will be available by the time this article appears. A thorough reading of it will take several days, and a period of reflection will be necessary before anyone can sensibly ...

Muhammad Ali

Looking Back

The Greatest Anti-White Boxer of All Time

Muhammad Ali, widely regarded as the world’s most famous man, died Friday at age 74. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, he was a titan both as a boxer and a provocateur. Because we live in an era much weaker and more sensitive than it ...

Harry Laden

Looking Back

When Harry Met Taki…

Things have never been grimmer. Wall Street wolves have become billionaires while rigging the system, rats like William Kristol are showboating on television and spreading lies about The Donald, and the most dishonest couple since ...

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