Self-Righteous Violence

If you’re even barely intelligent and mildly educated, you’d realize that ideas such a...


Jeffrey Wright

The Democrats’ Racial Albatross

In a sea of leftist Hollywood turds, actor Jeffrey Wright manages to stand out as particul...


Cry, Losers, Cry

The morning after Donald Trump won the election, breakfast tasted better than it had in ye...


General Robert E Lee

Dividing the White

A rally in Virginia on Saturday intended to “Unite the Right” ended in chaos and blood...


James Hodgkinson

Progressively Sicker

The Resistance has opened fire, and it appears to have very poor aim. Last Wednesday a fa...


X marking the spot of JFK's assassination

A Long History of Leftist Hatred

James T. Hodgkinson of Belleville, Illinois, who aspired to end his life as a mass murdere...


This is War!

Someone got stabbed at my DePaul talk on Tuesday night and that's not even the craziest pa...

Cultural Caviar

CA Is Appropriate

Anthony Horowitz, author of the very successful Alex Rider books (teen novels about a scho...


Get Your Hard Hats On!

"€œStop being juveniles,"€ a Lindsay aide, Donald Evans, admonished a construction wo...


Berkeley University, Sather Tower

How Berkeley Birthed the Right

In December 1964, a Silver Age of American liberalism, to rival the Golden Age of FDR and ...


Proud Boys Declare Victory in Berkeley

On Saturday we held a rally in Berkeley to promote free speech. We knew there would be tro...


God Bless the Right-Wing Social Justice Warriors

"€œInvent a weapon,"€ Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday, "€œand your enemies will hav...

Cultural Caviar

Women’s Strike a Huge Bust

In case none of your intersectional feminist friends alerted you, last Wednesday the world...

Cultural Caviar

Have We Lost Our Temperance?

In one of the Platonic dialogues, the Charmides, the subject is the nature of temperance. ...