Unsexing the Language

Yesterday I stopped by a Methodist church that was having a charity Christmas-tree sale. A man told me the sale was over for the day and then wished me "€œHappy Holidays."€   "€œDon"€™t you mean "€˜Merry Christmas"€™?"€ ...


Relief for the Phobiaphobic

For right-wingers, November proved to be the cruelest month in quite some time. The Kenyan Klepto won the White House again. Speaking of democracy: Here in Toronto, our most conservative mayor in living memory"€”one elected in what ...

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The Gayest Study Ever

A recent study from the University of Michigan finds that the ever-popular youth expression "€œthat's so gay"€ is actually harmful to gay, lesbian, and bisexual students. According to CBS News: Data suggests gay, lesbian and ...


The “€œF”€ Word

Although the adjective "€œfascist,"€ as George Orwell pointed out during and right after World War II, was a slur applied to "€œthose we don"€™t like,"€ the indiscriminate use of the "€œF"€ word seems more common now ...


Ron Paul Drops the H-Bomb

My dream of a Bachmann-Paul Republican ticket in 2012 is fading fast. Vain are the hopes of man! My notion was that Ron would educate Michele in foreign aid’s futility and the virtues of minding our own national business, while ...


“Like” or Dislike

I was on a double-decker bus in Glasgow, Scotland, last week and heard two teenagers talking to each other about O. J. Simpson. “I’m, like, almost positive that he was arrested for, like, armed robbery or some shit.” A week before ...

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Politicians: Branded Men

One of modernity's toxic effects is that words now mean whatever we want them to mean. They cease being a means of communication and become an instrument of power. Lewis Carroll realized this fact: "€˜When I use a word,"€™ Humpty ...


The Best (and Worst) Languages in the World

Though there are over 7,000 living human languages, only a dozen of them actually matter. The majority of languages are holdovers from cultures that should have become extinct generations ago. Take Taiwanese for example. The Taiwanese ...

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