Augusto Pinochet

South of the Border

Reconsidering Pinochet

With the passing of Hugo Chávez, we got a lot of crocodile tears from liberals claiming we had "€œlost a friend"€ who "€œlifted the poor and helped them realize their dreams."€ Jimmy Carter told us that he "€œnever ...

South of the Border

A Furor Over Foreskins

Last year I wrote about the anti-circumcision campaign here in California, and now another chapter in the Foreskin Chronicles has opened up in Germany. Whereas the California campaign fizzled, the District Court in Cologne on June 26 ...

Hugo Chávez

South of the Border

Chávez: Still Riding the Pink Tide

During Benedict XVI's recent trip to Cuba, the brothers Castro tumbled out to meet the pontiff. But there was another noted visitor to Cuba at the same time"€”one there for cancer treatment who may or may not have met with ...

Juan Manuel Santos

South of the Border

Colombia’s One-Trick Party

Before he was known as the bane of the FARC guerrillas, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos had a reputation as a neoliberal apparatchik. Acting as Finance Minister during a 2001 debt crisis, he imposed a budget of “sweat and ...

South of the Border

Legalize It—Just Don’t Smoke It

Americans have finally reached the tipping point—or maybe the toking point—when it comes to legalizing marijuana: A recent Gallup revealed the country is now leaning 50% pro-pot. What I found most shocking about the survey was how ...

South of the Border

A Big Mess in Bogotá

As the election for the next mayor of Colombia’s capital approaches, all candidates say they agree that “corruption is the worst evil facing Bogotá.” The squandering of the taxpayers’ money has become the current campaign’s ...

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