Why Is Suicide Becoming So Trendy?

For anyone who takes cheer in the idea that all this “progress” we’ve been making th...


What Is America’s Cause in the World Today?

After being sworn in for a fourth term, Vladimir Putin departed the Kremlin for Annunciati...


Taylor Swift

Born-Again Virgin

We have just witnessed a curious phenomenon in the U.K. Bloodthirsty conglomerate Virgin u...


Mao Zedong

Mao and Again

It is becoming a cliché that America is undergoing its own version of Chairman Mao’s Cu...


The Left-Wing Cannibal Holocaust

Her name was Nari and she was the tallest Korean girl I’d ever seen. Six foot, at least....


New Year’s Resolutions for Leftists

Although religious in origin, New Year’s resolutions call believer and unbeliever alike ...


Geneva Airport

Skip the Ads

By their adverts shall ye know them; such, at any rate, is my supposition whenever I arriv...


War Criminals of the “Harassocaust”

This year’s South Park Halloween episode poked fun at the avalanche of sexual assault an...


A Madness at the Heart of Modern Consumerism

The advent of a White Christmas is now heralded by Black Friday: this infamous moment when...


Unserious Nation

How stands John Winthrop’s “city upon a hill” this Thanksgiving? How sta...


White Nationalists and Diversity’s Agents

A nation is like a dysfunctional family. The confident elder son is his father’s favorit...


Strife and Wrangling in Las Vegas

Fifty-eight people dead in the Las Vegas massacre and 489 wounded. The location feels grim...


Mike Pence

Trump Embraces the Culture War

To attend the Indianapolis Colts game where the number of the legendary Peyton Manning was...


Giffard Hotel, Worcester

No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Recently I made reference to the criticism Simon Leys made of a book by Maria-Antonietta M...