Adolf Hitler


The Art of Propaganda

How did Germany, arguably the most cultured and civilized nation in Europe, degenerate so quickly? The answer is propaganda. Man is a herd animal, and propaganda moves the herd. “The Art of Propaganda,” an excerpt from Mein Kampf, ...


The Two Eisgrubers

It is difficult enough for people to say what they mean, but it is even more difficult, at least for some of them, to mean what they say. Moreover, some people neither say what they mean nor mean what they say, but mean something else ...

Kyle Rittenhouse


Where’s “The Talk” When We Need It?

For many years now, we've gotten mountains of press about "The Talk," the rite of passage lecture that black parents feel obliged to give their sons so that they won't end up getting shot by the police. Apparently, unlike white people ...


The Mask of the Joker

Why has the world become so indignant? Boredom. The Olympic ability to have fun is in sharp decline in the new age of the cyborg brought on by nanotechnological morons. People gather to eat armed with their mobile phones, which they ...


The Bus Never Stops

SOMERVILLE, Mass.—Under its new domestic partnership ordinance, the city of Somerville now grants polyamorous groups the rights held by spouses in marriage, such as the right to confer health insurance benefits or make hospital ...


Prophylactic Society

The much-vaunted new world order is a birdcage. Western democracies are playing social seppuku with the dictatorship of a hysterical political correctness that encourages single-mindedness and self-censorship of opinion, promotes ...


Our New Religion of Race

St. Paul famously wrote to the Galatians: “There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus.” But America in the era of George Floyd (may he rest in ...


More Groucho and Less Karl

The new cultural revolution vandalizing the streets is completely misinformed and has the faint whiff of extremist fanaticism. Its aim is to divide and fracture Western society, where individualism was born, where there is respect for ...

Chestnut trees


Bees With Degrees

This year, as last, bees—tens of thousands of them—made their home between a window in my house in France and the shutters. We called a local bee-man and he came to try to capture the bees in an artificial hive. This is not a ...

Gone With the Wind


A Plague of White Submissiveness

A strange thing happened on Saturday in Carey, North Carolina. During Black Lives Matter demonstrations, a group of white people, including police officers, cleaned the feet of black religious leaders and protest organizers, while ...

Lewis Hamilton


Mood Is a Rhythm

The world turns in fury, a global trend that is arming an urban guerrilla. In the valley of tears, being recognized as a victim is an aspiration to gain rights over another. This has allowed simple sexual, religious, or racial ...


The Bonfire of the Insanities

White elites are currently fantasizing that they can use the People of Color mob of young looters to overthrow Trump, somewhat like in Georgia in 2003 and Ukraine in 2014. Serious people in Washington and New York take seriously ...

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