September 07, 2017

Source: Bigstock

Some members of the conservative commentariat worry the six-month timetable puts Republicans in a bind, and that it will be a boon to Democrats in the run-up to the 2018 midterms. That’s possible, but let’s be serious: Three-quarters of elected Republicans already support amnesty as a favor to transnational corporations. They don’t care that young foreign workers replace the native-born—DACA’s most egregious consequence, in my opinion.

Republicans have played both sides on immigration for as long as memory serves. They promise to cut down illegal immigration, while turning around and doing the bidding of business that desire cheap labor. There’s little question about it: A DACA-like measure will be passed by Congress, hopefully salving a series of deepening wounds.

So it should be. Some of the protected immigrants have no recollection of their homeland. They speak English, have graduated from American schools, and play a part in our institutions.

I can’t think of a better assimilation program than letting them stay.


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