LeBron James

Reality Check

The end of the year always brings a plethora of “Best of...” rankings in the press, wh...

Cultural Caviar

Kevin Hart

The Gay Mafia Claims Another Scalp

Black comedian Chris Rock has hosted the Academy Awards twice—in 2005 and 2016. Before h...


Pope Francis

The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Demonic, Sardonic, and Chthonic Headlines POPE TO GAY PRIESTS: TAKE...

High Life

New York, N.Y.

Time to Fly Away

NEW YORK—At times I used to think the place was real. The New York of films, that is. Th...

Cultural Caviar

Theresa May

The Merits of Nepotism and Boasting

There was once a medical student of my acquaintance who consistently scored lower marks on...

Deep Thoughts

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama and Other Noble Sages

The Barclays Center in Brooklyn seats 19,000, and last Saturday it was packed with liberal...

Joe Bob's America

Which Part of This Performance Art Space Is the Actual Hotel Room?

MINNEAPOLIS—Do you ever walk into a hotel room in a strange city and get the feeling you...


Talking Down to the Blacks

A new study from Yale and Princeton shows that only white liberals are dumb enough to thin...

Issue of the Century

Global Refugee Roundup: Migrants v. Refugees Edition

Another month brings another series of political, cultural, and demographic catastrophes f...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Cruddiest, Muddiest, and Bloodiest Headlines TWITTER’S GRAND INCREDIBLE ...

Public Nuisances

A Regime of Bread and Circuses

Supermarkets are undoubtedly convenient, but convenience and a large choice of cheap comes...

Deep Thoughts

Racism in ‘Harper’s Magazine’

There’s a certain type of black public intellectual who is becoming increasingly common....

Joe Bob's America

Suntory Hibiki

500 Years of Moonshine Might, You Know, Taste Better

PHILADELPHIA—Lately I’ve been performing in the state that went to war over whiskey—...

Lit Crit

Tucker’s Treatise

Shortly after this month’s election, an Antifa mob descended upon the Washington, D.C., ...