Cultural Caviar

1619: Founding Fallacies

Last week, Dean Baquet, the executive editor of The New York Times, informed his staffers ...


The Hunt

Right-Wing Boob Job

During my five years with Friends of Abe, the “secret” (and boozy) organization of Hol...



The Week That Perished

The Week’s Sweatiest, Pettiest, and Readiest Headlines WHY CHRIS CUOMO NEEDS TO LEGALLY...

High Life

Pont Saint Michel, Paris

Pretty Wise for 38

If it hadn’t arrived I’d be dead, but it was hardly welcome: another birthday. Thirty-...


Choose Your Words Wisely

Is attention to the correct use of words mere pedantry or, as Confucius thought, the neces...

Joe Bob's America

Martin Scorsese in Hugo

Movie Directors Apologize? Really?

NEW YORK—Last week a $57 million movie flopped and the director apologized. He didn’t ...

Issue of the Century

Immigration as Punishment

Should Harvard be required to accept the wretched refuse of its applicant pool even though...


The Infantilization of America

America has always been for the young. However, in the past half century, America has beco...

Guns and Ammo

Mount Mihara

Bullets From Heaven

What does a Japanese lesbian jumping into a volcano have to do with American mass shooters...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Most Imbecilic, Coprophilic, and Pedophilic Headlines BOY SCOUTS: A NEST OF ...


Individualism vs. Individuality

It is a humbling tribute to my complete unimportance that, having written perhaps 5,000 ar...

High Life

Athens, Greece

The Road to Ruins

I am struggling up the slippery marble steps of the Acropolis with the Geldofs and the Bis...

Joe Bob's America

My Pilot’s Nickname Is “Bottom Gun”

WILLIAMSBURG, Va.—I have this strong suspicion that the airlines are lying to us every t...

Deep Thoughts

Baltimore, Maryland

The Final Solution to the Baltimore Question

Conservative firebrand Dana Loesch has the cure for what ails Baltimore: a trash-pickup fi...