Shamrock I and II by William Fife

Afternoon Delight

The Late, Great American Anglo

“At home, ere I sailed o’er the billowy brine, A large and a liberal outlook was mine,...

You're Fired!

Checked Out

In a supermarket in France recently, I noticed that the young woman at the till wore a bad...

Deep Thoughts

News or Chews?

Attentively watching the grass grow in the meadow in front of my house, which is my major ...

Deep Thoughts

At Face Value

I noticed a very pretty girl sitting not far from me on a bus ride of about 45 minutes las...

Deep Thoughts

About Face

“There is no art,” says King Duncan in Macbeth, “to find the mind’s construction i...
Johnny Depp


Johnny on the Spot

No doubt it is evidence of my dissociation from much of modern life, but until the recent ...

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