Sports Politics

Cristiano Ronaldo

Political Correctness Is Ruining Sports

It says a lot about the vulgar character of our time that The New Republic would publish a...


Christian Bale

‘Anchorman’ Without Laughs

Vice stars Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan’s Batman, in an eerily impeccable impersona...

Cultural Caviar

Orgy of the Species

Let’s begin 2019 with some truths and a few admissions: We humans have been evolving for...

Looking Back

Alexandra Ocasio Cortez

The 18 Most Annoying People of 2018

Another year has passed. Let us shove it off the cliff and watch its brains get bashed to ...


The Week That Perished

The Week’s Stinkiest, Kinkiest, and Dinkiest Headlines LEBRON JAMES APOLOGIZES TO JEW...


Fair Is Fair

For reasons too convoluted for swift explanation, I looked into the annual Scottish figure...

Deep Thoughts

Moral Confusion About Immigration

In her December 21 column in The New York Times, “None of Us Deserve Citizenship,” Mic...

The Untold Story

Ron Karenga

Happy Kwanzaa! The Holiday Brought to You By the FBI

The day after Christmas, President Trump issued his official Kwanzaa greetings from the Wh...

Cultural Caviar

Negotiating the Curve

Nassim Nicholas Taleb is a prodigious intellectual who has managed to build a significant ...

Oy Vey!

Ruth Bader Ginsburg…Shiksa?

Christmas is supposed to be a holiday for Christians, but this year Santa’s bringing a v...

Cultural Caviar

Boniface de Castellane

Speaking of Manners

Sometime during the 1920s, at an exclusive party at Count Boni de Castelanne’s, a great ...


Martina Navratilova

The Week That Perished

The Week’s Rudest, Crudest, and Shrewdest Headlines RUDOLPH THE RACIST, SEXIST, HOM...

Cultural Caviar

Thoughts and Prayers

A young British woman called Grace Millane was making her way round the world after gradua...


Woody Allen

Mind Your Business, Hypocrites

The atheist who, like me, studies and reflects on the nature of moral psychology will, I t...