The Week That Perished

Since New York has never shed a tear for the rest of the country, we shed no tears for New York.

Taki's Top Drawer

High Life

An Uphill Battle

July 04, 2020

Roman Polanski

High Life

Q and A-holes

June 27, 2020

High Life

Madness Is Contagious

June 20, 2020

Vienna, Austria

High Life

Waltzing With Taki

June 13, 2020

Tyrol, Austria

High Life

Papou Was a Rolling Stone

June 06, 2020

High Life

Baby Talk and Bad Language

May 30, 2020

High Life

Greetings From Slobovia

May 23, 2020

High Life

Another Pandemic

May 16, 2020

High Life

The China Syndrome

May 09, 2020


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“In a PC world, humor is a capital offense. ”

— Taki


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