Oy Vey!

“Both Sides Now” (in the Key of Auschwitz)

I’m growing increasingly annoyed at the “demographics is destiny” trope. Not because...

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City of London

High Life

The Great Divide

October 23, 2021


High Life

‘Succession’ Story

October 16, 2021

Vero Beach, FL

High Life

Join the Club

October 09, 2021

Warsaw, Poland

High Life

One Night in Poland

October 02, 2021

Westminster, London

High Life

The Toothless Shark

September 25, 2021

Pentonville Prison 1842

High Life

The Past Is Precious

September 18, 2021

High Life

Dinner-Party Discourse

September 11, 2021

Anne Baxter and Bette Davis

High Life

You Gotta Believe

September 04, 2021

High Life

The Thing About Helvetia…

August 28, 2021

Trinity Centre


The End of an Error

Obituary notices are not usually a source of great fun. If one should not speak ill of the...


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“In a PC world, humor is a capital offense. ”

— Taki


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