Karl Marx

New World Order

The Age of Cosmopolitan Globalism

For generations, the great debate in the West was over moral economy. What type of economi...

Taki's Top Drawer

High Life

Rotten Apple

June 05, 2021

Manhattan Bridge, N.Y.

High Life

Woke in the City That Never Sleeps

May 28, 2021

High Life

The Real Halston

May 21, 2021

High Life

Premature Evacuation

May 15, 2021

Groton School

High Life

The Undoing of America

May 08, 2021

High Life

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

May 01, 2021

Woody Allen

High Life

Taki v. ‘Allen v. Farrow’

April 24, 2021

High Life

The Prince and the Hip-Hopper

April 17, 2021

Larry McMurtry

High Life

More Terms of Endearment

April 10, 2021


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— Taki


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