Berlin, Germany

Little Platoons of Monomaniacs

What you deem to have been recent depends very much on your age. What is recent to an old man is prehistory to the young. To me, the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe seems but yesterday, though I have to admit that there are people now, even professors, for whom that downfall, and what preceded it, is no more vivid than, say, the War of ...

Taki’s Top Drawer


Emmanuel Macron

The Mind of Macron

The inclination to analyze politicians’ conduct by means of psychiatric diagnosis is growing. This is unsurprising in view of what was once called ...

How Trump Will Lose the Debate

Donald Trump's recent proposal to give a green card to every immigrant who gets a degree from any college reminded me of his performance at the 2020 ...

Actually, Senator

For the first time in decades, I caught some of the Sunday morning political shows last weekend. Who knew there still were Sunday shows? Since the ...

The Week That Perished

Cultural Caviar


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