High Life

Crash Course

Who was it who said we always hurt those we love the most? I did just that last week, skii...


Life’s Too Short for Envy

Here in Gstaad there is no worker alienation. Nor are the rich especially worried. The tal...


Boris Johnson


“The British political class has offered to the world an astounding spectacle of mendaci...

High Life

Roger Federer

Tennis Is the Best Medicine

Asked how he was feeling as he was about to give a speech to a ladies’ group, Mark Twain...

High Life

Wengen, Switzerland

Nil Desperandum

Do any of you know what a cisgender is? I just found out. A cisgender is a term describing...


Resist, I Guess

Funny thing is, I was in school with a man named Ted Widmer, and I recently read that one ...

High Life

All Downhill From Here

GSTAAD—My annual end-of-year party in the Bagel was a bust. Too many people brought thei...

High Life

New York, N.Y.

Time to Fly Away

NEW YORK—At times I used to think the place was real. The New York of films, that is. Th...

High Life

Only in New York

What I should have done is gone out and bought a lottery ticket. I’ll explain: The snow ...

High Life

Grandfather Clause

NEW YORK—A little Austrian count was born to my daughter last week in Salzburg, early in...

High Life

Outrage All Around

NEW YORK—An old-fashioned party is a gathering of friends invited by the host or hostess...

High Life

Never Fuhgeddaboudit

NEW YORK— I now know it by heart. Brooklyn Heights, that is. It takes 35 minutes by cab ...

High Life

Brooklyn Bridge, NY

Stale Bagel

NEW YORK—In the dark she still looks good. The mystery and magnetism linger until dawn, ...

High Life

New York, NY

Watch Your Mouth

There is fear and loathing in this city, with men looking over their shoulders for the tho...