High Life

The Lunch Crowd

GSTAAD—As everyone knows, the balder, shorter, and more repellent the seducer, the more ...

High Life

Fighting Words

GSTAAD—Okay, sports fans, it’s time to spill the beans. Sometime last year I wrote abo...
Zurich, Switzerland

High Life

Swiss Mystery

GSTAAD—They’re whispering that it was the biggest haul since the Brink’s-Mat gold bu...
Federal Palace, Bern

High Life

Swiss Precision

GSTAAD—As everyone knows, snobbery is nothing but bad manners passing itself off as good...

High Life

The Write Stuff

GSTAAD—There is nothing much I can add to what Daniel Johnson and Charles Moore wrote ab...
Norman Mailer

High Life

A Pair of Kings

Norman Mailer was born on January 31, 1923, and as his hundredth birthday approaches there...

High Life

Life in Person

GSTAAD—Living my life in person is not a redundancy of expression, but it actually means...

High Life

Swiss Bliss

Talismans from the past are rare but are still around, especially at the old Post Hotel: F...

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