Barbara Walters

High Life

Little Black Book

GSTAAD—I’m not usually nonplussed, but this is very strange: The memoirs of Barbara Bl...

King Juan Carlos 1 and Queen Sofia of Spain

High Life

Current Affairs

GSTAAD—The jokes about keeping a mistress are old and I’ve yet to hear a truly funny o...
Ginkgo Tree

High Life

Old Glory

GSTAAD—Birthdays at my age are for the birds, but always a good excuse for a party. Mess...
Battle of Marathon, Georges Rochegrosse, 1859.

High Life

The Good Fights

SERIFOS—There’s no high life here, only family life, so I’ve been hitting the books ...
Serifos, Greece

High Life

Isle Be Damned

ISLAND OF SERIFOS—Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat: Island life is not f...
Roman Polanski

High Life

Q and A-holes

GSTAAD—I thought of Nietzsche while the mayhem and destruction of monuments were going o...

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