April 22, 2023

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NEW YORK—The fact that a sailor on leave cannot whistle at a pretty girl’s legs is scientific proof that America is beyond help and finished for good. That also goes for hard hats, who along with sailors were among the whistlers back in the good old days before woke ruined men, women, and the country in general. Already radical activists have destroyed the notion of womanhood as well as that of biology by using words such as “cis” and expressions like “gender assigned at birth.”

The castrating atmosphere that prevails over here does not bode well for the coming China challenge. Does anyone really believe that American men will stand up to the Chinese when Stanford and Michigan Universities have issued guidebooks that instruct that words such as “mankind” and “American” are never to be used? It gets better for the Chinese every day. A member of the Bagel Times editorial board, Mare Gay, found the fact that a Long Island community’s houses were flying the American flag “disturbing.” Go figure, as they say in places where flying the flag does not disturb, and where people do not read a newspaper that sees fit to print only anti-male, antiwhite, and anti-Christian propaganda.

Mind you, I’m not trying to sell the toxic-masculinity crap of those two Brits, the Tate brothers, rightly imprisoned, and now bailed out, by the Romanians. They’re pimps and belong behind bars. I only miss the tradition of sailors and hard hats showing admiration for the fairer sex—nothing more, nothing less. Anyway, if woke doesn’t turn America into Vanuatu, a cluster of South Pacific islands, artificial intelligence will. First to go will be white-collar jobs such as junior lawyers, accountants, professors, journalists, and so on. Probably not a bad thing, but I wish AI would take the Silicon Valley freaks down also, but knowing how these things turn out, they will be the last to go.

“It gets better for the Chinese every day.”

And now for some really bad news already covered by the press: Swimmer Riley Gaines, a 12-time all-American, was recently attacked and beaten by trans-rights protesters after she gave a speech at San Francisco State University about protecting female sports. The campus police did nothing, nor did the dean of students, who was present. The case has been highly reported, yet Americans keep droning on about their freedoms, although the poor little Greek boy believes there’s less freedom in America than in most places. Trans activists are going around beating up people, and no one’s doing anything about it. At Stanford Law School a conservative federal judge was disrupted and threatened while addressing the students and had to leave helter-skelter while a female diversity professor was giving him hell. The dean has apologized since, but the damage has been done. Conservatives or even middle-of-the-road speakers are not allowed to address students in America. And they call it the Land of the Free. Free, my arse!

Just think, dear readers. Here’s a young woman who has spent half her life in the water going up and down a swimming pool. She begins to win races galore, then out of the blue a 6-foot-2 man named Thomas, swimming for the men at Penn University, decides he’s a woman and leaves girls like Riley half a pool behind. So Riley complains and gets beaten up for her troubles by “activists.” And the beaters go free to beat up some more. And this is called the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. All Riley Gaines wanted, and what all women athletes want, is to compete against one another—is that too much to ask? Yet the media in America is now more beholden to woke imperatives and is keeping quiet. Just imagine if the positions were reversed, and women had beaten up a trans. A third world war would occupy the second page.

Then there is firearm violence. It has broken all records since—you guessed it—George Soros began financing prosecutors all over the country. Chicago, New York, Portland, San Francisco, and other big cities have become killing fields after good old George, 92, has spent an estimated 32 billion big ones over the last decades. So much moola goes a long way to defund the police and to “reform” justice. Such as American children killed by guns jumping 50 percent the past two years, 46 percent of the victims being black.

I’ve kept the worst for last. A notoriously soft-on-crime judge released without bail the stepfather of a 15-year-old who had been strangled to death. The stepfather had a criminal record, yet the judge, Naita Semaj, chose to set him free. The New York Post screamed to high heaven for two days, which led the governor of the state to order the killer arrested. For some strange reason the Bagel Times did not report this, it slipped its mind.

Otherwise it’s great to be back in the dojo fighting younger men again, both the arm and the leg now healed after I applied the Taki method for an instant recovery. This method is 2,000 years old and has never failed. After a break and a look-see by a conventional doctor, you take off the plaster three weeks before the earliest the doctors have ordered, and start training. Bones heal when they’re made to work, just like people, according to the great doctor Taki, who has been self-medicating since the Battle of Marathon, 490 BC.


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