April 22, 2024

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“Blue-eyed white devils” are not very popular nowadays. At least not with a recent migrant thrown off an airline flight for calling his fellow travelers thus. The man was drunk, or he might have been a New York Times reader. Or watched network news, especially NBC, because he really had it in for white people. I was not surprised when I read the item, especially the phrase “blue-eyed white devils.” It reminded me of an old jungle movie where mean natives were after the lovable Cheetah and her boss, the white-skinned, blue-eyed, loinclothed Tarzan.

Whites are under the gun today for a very simple reason: Their past implies a position of cultural supremacy, a fact mankind’s known past confirms. Beginning with the Greeks and followed by the Romans, close neighbors such as the Persians, Etruscans, and Carthaginians have only walk-on parts in history, other races such as the Phoenicians or unknowns in Africa not being a cohesive group, hence only the Greeks and Romans.

“The fact that slavery has been a constant in almost every society since the dawn of recorded history is immaterial to those trying to profit.”

In parts of the world where writing was not used, we know very little, and most of us think of them as prehistoric. These prehistoric people are now among us, and no wonder they call us blue-eyed white devils. Today’s provocative displays of ethnicity, especially among onanist students, flatulent professors, and talent-free plebeian journalists, are a result of American universities teaching and placing Western Europe at the center of their world before 1492. It is the last positive and true thing universities have done, at least recently.

Mind you, the Greeks referred to those who spoke a different language as barbarians, intimating they were in some sense inferior, suitable for enslavement, for example. The subject of slavery is very au courant nowadays, with folks who would rather loaf than work demanding reparations, a racket that is rapidly becoming as fashionable as hating whites. But whites were enslaved in the past, starting with the Romans who had them rowing nonstop in their warships all over the Mediterranean. I know very little about China’s past, but slavery was certainly not unknown. But when I joked in another publication that the next time you encounter a Chinese gentleman do not thrust your dirty laundry at him, he is probably a diplomat, all hell broke loose. People nowadays are very, very touchy.

Never mind. We whites are here to take it with a smile, and to forget that the rich cultural history of, say, Islam and the slavery involved is treated as a sideshow. The fact that slavery has been a constant in almost every society since the dawn of recorded history is immaterial to those trying to profit. When the Muslim empires rose and expanded across West Africa during the Middle Ages, black slaves were traded nonstop, with blacks selling other blacks and Muslims selling blacks they had captured in conquest. For some strange reason, black American athletes take Muslim names and carry them with pride, starting with Muhammad Ali, obviously unaware of the facts I’ve just mentioned. Yeah, right.

The first whites who profited from slavery were Charles V and Ferdinand of Aragon, who shipped a couple hundred black slaves to the new world. The shipment became a nonstop one-way trip for hundreds of thousands of blacks sold to their North American clients by Muslim and other African masters. Reframing history is, of course, part of history, and today’s so-called minorities choose to ignore the truth while banging the drums against white devils. Bad-faith arguments can be found in every aspect of today’s news, with white policemen, white history, and white culture being at the forefront of hate. Starting with the once wonderful Disney company, now at the forefront of antiwhite content and antiwhite policies. A Disney cartoon such as Rise Up, Sing Out tells young children that “racism in the world affects me and you, and your skin color is what defines you.” Talk about child molestation, not even the Nazis had thought of brainwashing with cartoons.

Dividing Americans into white people who are stained and people of color who are innocent and pure is the left’s ghastly enterprise today. Whites are compelled to go to work and sit through Diversity, Equity and Inclusion humiliation sessions, while white government employees ditto, with Critical Race Theory shoved down their throats. The left in America wants to indoctrinate everyone to believe that what matters about a person is their skin color.

The reality is, of course, quite different. Black leaders have let their constituents down since the ’60s by not reading the riot act to them. Instead of preaching to young women not to have multiple children before marriage and so on, and to fatherless young men not to buy guns and join gangs, they blame whitey for their flock’s self-induced disasters. Biden is beholden to identity politics, hence the nation will remain split unless he’s rejected. And as long as black leaders continue to play the race card, blacks will continue to feel that the law and blue-eyed white devils are against them from the start.


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