April 11, 2024

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Back in the good old days when the Brits ruled the roost in the American colonies, the sneaky Brits used a system of their own to lord it over those who looked like them, spoke like them, and worshipped the same God as them, but called themselves American rather than British. It was very simple, really. The bad old Brits recalled an old British law passed by those whose knowledge of democracy was equal to mine of homosexuality, called the Bills of Attainder. If someone had displeased you, and if you belonged to the right party, he or she would be attainted, and they’d never bother you for the duration. Bills of Attainder did wonders for those who were on the side of the state, such as landowners, the rich, members of parliament, aristocrats, females with connections to the landowning aristocracy, and prostitutes whose clients belonged to the Church of England, parliament, and the landowning aristocracy.

This kangaroo court system has now been revived right here in the good old US of A, and my good friend and editor of The New Criterion, Roger Kimball, was the first to write about it. As Roger pointed out, the Founders of this country, having managed to kick out the Brits, made sure Bills of Attainder became a no-no in the Land of the Free. Along with the hated “bills” came the ex post facto law, which was pretty much the same thing. The Founders said no bills, no post facto, and added a statute of limitations to ensure that if you stole an apple when young, you would not be prosecuted after you were a success fifty years later. (I am simplifying all this for any of you who only read from your telephones.)

“If this is justice, I am a banana.”

Needless to say, all the above are back with a vengeance, and the target is The Donald—who else?—with a ludicrous statute of limitations trampled by a woman who claims she was raped by The Donald at Bergdorf’s, an impossibility to those of us who know the dressing rooms, unless the rapist and the victim are tiny midgets no circus would employ because they’re simply too small.

Let’s face it: Trump might not be a gentleman of the old school, but that he’s a victim of the establishment and target of the judiciary under orders from the top is as true as the fact he dyes his hair. Just reading the headlines reminds me of the ones that appeared back in the ’30s in Moscow. That’s when Uncle Joe Stalin purged his rivals by having them admit under torture that they had plotted against the state and had them shot. This the Democrats have not done, and they don’t need to because they’ve got the useful idiots, the media, on their side.

What Uncle Joe did not do was advertise the fact he was going to get his rivals. New York’s attorney general, Letitia James, did. She campaigned on the promise “to get Trump.” It is unheard of. Even banana republics do not advertise they’re “gonna get their enemies,” but Noo Yawk does.

U.S. District Judge Reggie Walton went on cable news and said pretty much the same thing. But none of this compares with that guy Engoron, a New York state Supreme Court judge who would easily fit in with those German judges who oversaw the trial of those who tried to kill Hitler. Engoron used the charge that Trump overestimated his wealth to stick a fine on him that would bankrupt Elon Musk, ignoring the fact that all real estate is overvalued at all times by everyone selling. If this is justice, I am a banana.

Mind you, The Donald can be his own worst enemy. In a way, it illustrates he’s normal. He screams and insults and acts the way we would act if we had an old hag like Maureen Dowd calling him worse than a murderer in her pathetically hateful column in the Times, while she shows off her limited knowledge of Macbeth by name-dropping the latter ad nauseam.

Basically, the state of New York has issued a Bill of Attainder on The Donald, and the governor has admitted as much. When other investors threatened to stop doing business in the state because of the extraordinary fine imposed on Trump, she admitted it was a one-off; in other words, we’re only after Trump, not you, so back to business as usual.

So, in summing up: The Biden regime is hell-bent on indicting, arresting, bankrupting, and imprisoning Trump. It is a strange universe for American politics. Not exactly Eisenhower versus Stevenson, or Kennedy versus Nixon. A debarred lawyer and a former porn star as star witnesses against the 45th president, the legal system misused as never before in America, grotesque judgments issued by judges like Engoron that would lead to suicide by Oliver Wendell Holmes, and bloated penalties imposed that would make a South American banana republic judge blush in shame. Biden himself is no innocent bystander. He made it clear he wanted Trump prosecuted, and Attorney General Merrick Garland shamefully obeyed. When Trump first won in 2016, the powers that be were unprepared. They soon after invented the Russian connection that took three years to prove totally false. This time they’re not taking any chances.


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