April 04, 2024

Jared Kushner

Jared Kushner

Source: Public Domain

He has the appearance of a startled vulture, a sort of prefab mannerism, but he’s all greed and preening self-importance. Selfishness is his holy grail, and he’s a lying, self-serving opportunist who knows whose ring to kiss at all times. This malodorous cesspit used his son-in-law position to get $2 billion off the Saudis and save his bankrupt business. He is Jared Kushner, the man who last week made a remark so jarring in its cruelty, but so indicative of his greed, I find it the most offensive I’ve ever heard in my very long life: “Gaza’s waterfront property could be very valuable.”

Kushner was exchanging ideas and plans with another scumbag, David Friedman, whom as president the Donald had named ambassador to Israel. Friedman’s idea, as quoted in The New York Times, is to expel all Gaza residents to the Negev desert and annex all of the West Bank into greater Israel. Kushner was looking at real estate development in Gaza and made his observation known about the waterfront. What Kushner missed, hence I’m pointing it out to him, are the cemeteries. There are close to 35,000 bodies of women and children, innocent bystanders in the war, that could be excavated and thrown into the sea, turning their resting place into very valuable real estate. For some strange reason, the two scumbags discussing the future of Gaza and the West Bank missed the cemeteries, but I’m certain they will come around. Business opportunities such as the ones I’ve just mentioned don’t come along every day.

“I simply cannot get over the mindset of these two people.”

What I find mind-boggling is that such persons like Friedman and Kushner can thrive in these here United States, when they actually belong in very cheap novels. How is it possible to think of valuable real estate opportunities when looking at pictures of the utter human devastation that merciless Israeli bombing with American bombs has caused on mostly innocent women and children in Gaza?

Not that Kushner whispered these horrors into someone’s ear. He clearly stated them at a Harvard forum, along with Friedman, and not a single person got up to protest, throw some excrement on them, or at least attack them physically. Good old Harvard. Kushner was a busted flush and most likely broke until his father-in-law was elected president in 2016. For four years he cultivated rich Arabs and received 2 billion smackers for his troubles from the Saudis. Just like the great George Marshall, who left office in the Truman White House and the only thing he took with him was his hat.

I simply cannot get over the cruelty and mindset of these two people. What is the difference between what the Nazis thought of the Jews and what Friedman and Kushner think of the Palestinians? Well, that’s an easy one. The latter want to throw them out from their homes and onto the desert. The Nazis gassed them. What’s better, a slow death in the desert or a quick one in the shower? I better let this go because it’s an awful subject about ghastly people and I’m bound to get into trouble.

The above comment, worthy of a Nazi concentration camp officer, has passed without reaction in the Land of the so-called Free and was briefly quoted in the Times, which indicates how strong the Israeli lobby is in America. Anything but praise for Israel is deemed anti-Semitic, at least in the Land of the Depraved, starting with New York. And yet, support for Israel’s unconscionable military campaign in Gaza has tarnished the West’s image as an honest broker where Ukraine is concerned. People are waking up to accusations of hypocrisy and double standards over Gaza and suffering elsewhere. What I’d like to know is why is Uncle Sam sending arms and 2,000-pound bombs to Israel and Ukraine while simultaneously calling Russia the bad guy for fighting over a disputed border.

Mind you, Hamas started it by murdering innocents, and Israel has multiplied the murders by ten if not twenty. Hamas’ excuse is the 75-year occupation of Palestinian lands. Israel’s excuse is the lands belonged to them in biblical times, as loaded an answer as I can think of. Uncle Sam has played his cards all wrong by continuing to back Israel’s illegal and inhumane occupation of Palestine for domestic reasons, namely Jewish votes. It is the main reason Uncle Sam is so hated in many parts of the world, something that used to enrage me when I was younger and thought it was envy on the part of the haters. It is not, it is the double standards applied when it suits the good uncle. What is needed is for Washington to tell Jerusalem that unless it settles the Palestinian question fairly and rapidly, all American aid will cease forthwith, and to hell with the Israeli lobby.

It will, of course, take a president with you-know-what to do this, and this president ain’t Biden. Trump could easily do it, but will he? He’s never had the Jewish vote, and never will, so he’s got nothing to lose. Next week I will tell you about Roger Kimball and the Bills of Attainder that have made a comeback. Read up on your history and you’ll know what I’m talking about. See you next week.


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