April 18, 2024

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A well-dressed gentleman in New York today looks like a shadowy figure in a sepia-colored old photograph. I’ve been here for two weeks and have yet to see anyone wearing a suit and tie, except when I passed a window and saw a reflection of yours truly. Between Patagonia fleece vests donned by Wall Street hustlers and the schlubby hoodies of Silicon Valley wannabes, the city is slob heaven, its innocence, spontaneity, and reckless promise that once defined the city long gone.

The youth of the place, needless to say, makes for a bright future, except that over 70 percent of a major high school class in the city thought Russia fought America in World War II. Yep, the city’s regressing, but the black mayor, the black attorney general, and the female governor of the state are not to blame. It’s racism and sexism that’s done the city wrong. You’re getting this invaluable info from Taki, a man who is never wrong, and if I say racism and sexism are to blame, so be it.

“The kind of brainwashing that is going on in America today makes Nazi and communist ideology seem feeble.”

Just a walk around town reveals there’s no such thing as an enlightened urban oasis despite the billions poured in annually to help minorities who look to me like great majorities by now. What I actually see is a dystopian, garbage-filled place where crime has soared 53 percent, and whose affluent citizens are fleeing as if the place were San Francisco. Progressives who rule the city forgot that law and order are essential for progress of any kind, so now what we have is crime, dirt, noise, and the biggest-spending state and local government in America, with a daily life that often looks as though no government is in charge at all.

Oh yes, I almost forgot. Noo Yawk is also becoming a nudist colony, with subway stations turning into heroin shooting galleries and half-naked addicts roaming the human-feces-covered platforms. Exhausted passengers, many with children in tow, rush past the freaks, stepping on the needles that cover the ground while holding their noses. The subways descended—exploded, rather—into drug dens during the pandemic, especially uptown around 181st Street in the Bronx and downtown near Greenwich Village. The ones I feel the most sorry for are the cops who have to deal with these animals, and I apologize to my four-legged friends. It all has to do with getting something for nothing, the welfare trap, the so-called Great Society of Lyndon Johnson that became a pitfall for millions of Americans, mostly black Americans.

The great New York senator Patrick Moynihan warned against it and suggested “benign indifference” but was called a racist. Basically, what the “Great Society” managed to do was to endow even those with a strong work ethic with the apathy that comes with government assistance. The more children one had, the more free meals and moola. At least Bill Clinton did something about it, linking assistance with efforts to work. Now we’re back to the bad old ways, with Biden giving money away as inflation is going out of style. And people have learned to work the system. And those who know how to work it pass it down to those around them. How can I get more free stuff, more free housing, more food stamps, more cash? Young people who are willing to go out and get a job are advised by their elders not to because it could jeopardize the government assistance the family is receiving.

The culture of dependency is obviously most prevalent in the black community, hence the crime figures that show African Americans leading the numbers of those incarcerated. It is very depressing, but not as depressing as the thinking of white liberals who blame racism for black crime. The left in America, starting with The New York Times, want to indoctrinate Americans to believe that the only thing that matters about someone is his or her skin color. Critical Race Theory is poisoning the country with a theory that the whites are bad people while the blacks and browns are innocent and pure and victims. The kind of brainwashing that is going on in America today makes Nazi and communist ideology seem feeble. The irony that Times writers and their ilk know better makes it an even bigger crime. The media in America is a horror show, with gutless blow-dried know-nothings raving against Trump, whites, and anyone earning a good living, and let’s not forget those ghastly people who fought against the North back in 1861.

The only way out of this terrible predicament I cannot put in writing. Biden is beholden to identity politics, so if he wins, which I believe he will, alas, it will only get worse. As I said, I cannot write what my solution is because it entails putting lotsa people away for good. As I said, it is very depressing and it is bound to get worse. Unifying the country is an impossible dream, and it will only happen when everyone including phonies like Zuckerberg and Bezos joins the welfare crowds.


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