April 25, 2024

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I feel funny about the old lady, Miss Liberty, or Miss US of A, whatever you wish to call the United States, once upon a time THE No. 1 in everyone’s books. The country looks ancient and worn, with corruptive wealth having become an obsession in the republic. Consumers have obliterated idealists, the latter now the butt of jokes in corporate rooms. The culture is too impressed by fame and fortune; materialism is so deeply entrenched that it applies even to the way people use words. We have the wrong people on top showing the rest of the peasants the way. Some fool wrote a long, boring article about how gullible Americans are. They’re gullible because they watch TV, and TV is paid for by false advertising, so it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out: In the modern world everyone lies for profit, starting with the bumbling old boy in the White House, the public relations hacks who lie for a living, the advertising flacks who sell lies for a living—I could go on, but I won’t. I might be mistaken for a cynical old chap, which I am not.

Everything seems broken, or so it feels to many of us who are among the good guys. Trump is known for telling whoppers about himself, but Biden tells bigger ones about important matters, and no one among the so-called Fourth Estate will call him out on it. The language itself is being manipulated to the extent that holding any right-of-center view is now deemed fascist. Crushing debate and silencing critics is the name of the game at present. Monotonous, pompous, and verbose, The New York Times continues to subvert America, whose natural tendency is to believe the mind viruses spread by Sulzberger, Kahn & Co. America used to be about power and freedom, but the former has the upper hand now, and just look what it’s doing to Trump, who dared challenge it. Modern Democratic politics remind me of totalitarian communism, without the violence.

“Everything seems broken, or so it feels to many of us who are among the good guys.”

And it’s not only the US of A that is slowly but surely turning into a 1984 type of superstate. Brussels showed her true colors recently when they tried to ban a meeting of European conservatives like Nigel Farage, who as speaker managed to raise hell with the E.U. commissars. Encroaching on people’s freedoms in the name of the greater good is the trick. Tiny Rishi Sunak, the British prime minister, is trying to pass a law that will ban smoking forever for those born after a certain date. Who the hell does tiny Rishi think he is? Just because he married a billionaire’s daughter, and just because he managed to stab his benefactor Boris Johnson in the back and dump him from his prime ministerial stoop, does not give him the right to tell my grandchildren they can never smoke. If that’s not George Orwell stuff, once again, I’m a banana.

Americans are dissatisfied with the direction of the country, so Biden forgives student loans as if the money they owe was his to give away. Slowly but surely, it is turning into a state-run world. Here in America, the cultural era is stacked with blusterers, wheeler-dealers, and con men and women who are selling woke and other such bull to a pliant public watching TV commercials. Hollywood types attempt to convince everybody that only people with lesser intelligence are for Trump, and these types are supported by mainstream media that expresses it openly, i.e., that only “Deplorables” are for Trump.

Although the First Amendment protects homophobic, sexist, transphobic, even antiblack and anti-Muslim speech, only fools and provocateurs dare hint at anything resembling hate speech. The media have managed to label anything it doesn’t approve of as hateful, hence the central challenge of the age is freedom of speech or not. Yet national identity is the most powerful force in politics today.

Or is it? Our lives are circumscribed by a fear that invisible authorities have in their sights. The federal government has made an alliance with private companies to collect data on its citizens. Telephones and computers give off a thick exhaust of information about the people who own them. Although intelligence agencies are not permitted to engage in domestic spying, they can buy available information, and they do. Does this remind you of something called the deep state? Mass surveillance has become the norm in a country that was begun by Europeans yearning to be free. Some freedom.

Conservatives are described as arrogant, ruthless, parasitic oligarchs built on a foundation of Christianity and God-ordained permanency. Funny, but I always suspected that our Lord Jesus would end up being blamed for everything the left despises. Perhaps it’s because of what he did to the moneylenders, but all I know is Christianity is a red flag to the woke. Never mind. America is still No. 1—I don’t see many illegal migrants trying to sneak into China—but what once defined Americans no longer exists. Over the next few decades, America will become a minority-majority country, and history tells us that no other nations have managed such a transition and still held together. White identity has become a dirty word thanks to the academy, the media, and the entertainment industry. The left is succeeding in diversifying the country, but where it will fail, and fail spectacularly, is in unifying the nation. Annie, get your gun ready.


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