October 01, 2012

If you favor gun control, do you also favor disarming the American military and all law-enforcement agents? If not, why should we get rid of our guns?

If you insist we have government-sponsored healthcare, would you endorse a system that penalizes lapses of personal responsibility such as people who eat like pigs or who smoke and drink too much? If not, why should people who take care of themselves be forced to carry the burden for the slobs who don”€™t?

Oh, about that social diversity that we”€™re constantly told enriches us”€”can you point to a multicultural and multilingual nation in world history that survived and prospered rather than fractured and imploded? How do you propose to unify a country while cramming diversity down its mouth? If you”€™d honestly like us to believe that everyone’s the same, could you please point to any peer-reviewed studies that demonstrate physical and cognitive equality among groups of different continental origins? If you refuse to abolish the notion of “€œhate crimes”€ altogether, would you at least agree to apply standards equally, despite the respective races, genders, and sexual orientations of the perpetrators and victims?

Mr. Obama, don”€™t you feel as if the fact that your own aunt and uncle have brazenly flouted immigration laws is a slap in the face of everyone who’s attempted to legally gain citizenship? And why have both parties refused to enforce federal immigration laws? Why do either of you pretend to care about America’s working and middle classes while you penalize them with taxes to support millions of “€œundocumented workers”€ who drain social services, suppress wages, and often display a pesky refusal to ever assimilate?

This nation’s public schools were once the best in the world and are now the world’s laughingstock. If we must have public education, when are you going to drop the feel-goody social justice Cultural Marxist kiddie brainwashing bullshit and focus on verbal, math, and logical skills?

Now for the economy.

How do you justify the fact that the American dollar is now worth only four percent of what it was in 1913? Do you honestly feel that further “€œquantitative easing”€ will benefit poor and middle-class Americans? Would it actually benefit anyone except the Federal Reserve? Would you support an independent audit of the Fed? What about a repeal of the Federal Reserve Act itself?

The public debt is currently over $16 trillion, which is roughly triple what it was only a dozen years ago. How do you propose to keep this under control without massive austerity programs or squashing us all under a new totalitarian police state? If you sincerely care about American families, workers, and businesses, why wouldn”€™t you raise huge tariffs on imports and repeal NAFTA?

I”€™d like to address the role of government itself.

How can you possibly justify the National Defense Authorization Act, which permits the infinite detention of American citizens without trial? Why are you afraid to reveal”€”down to the penny”€”how you spend the tens of billions you soak from us yearly for the CIA, FBI, NSA, and sundry undercover “€œblack budget”€ operations? With decades of evidence that the federal government routinely lies to its citizens, why should we trust you about drone surveillance? Why should we trust you about anything?

Finally, I”€™d like to ask you about creeping globalization and the gradual erosion of national sovereignty. Would you support an immediate withdrawal from the United Nations? Specifically, would you resist the UN’s efforts to impose global taxes of any kind?

If not, why should I remove your handcuffs and untie you from your chairs?



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