August 07, 2015

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Comedian Tracy Morgan does a great bit about what porn does to your marriage. After seeing women beg for anal penetration with ball gags in their mouths, you start to expect the same from your wife. Now she’s turned off by the kind of intercourse you”€™re into and you have sex even less. This leads to more porn and the cycle spirals downward to divorce. Morgan is divorced.

I wish there were data on how many relationships have been ruined by pornography. How many relationships haven”€™t even begun because of it?

It’s not easy researching this topic because Internet porn has become so ubiquitous. One researcher claimed he was unable to do a case study because “€œGuys who do not watch pornography do not exist.”€ The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior says millennials choke the chicken several times a week, but wankers are notoriously dishonest about their habits. I believe it’s more like once a day. I also believe it’s this addiction to porn that has made them totally disinterested in real women. Gary Wilson talks about this in his book Your Brain on Porn. His TED talk on the subject is fascinating and explains how the vast array of options online tricks our hunter-gatherer mind into thinking we are inseminating a wide variety of women. This leads the brain to reward the act with dopamine and this is what we get addicted to.

Now comes the bad news. I have taken this discovery back to the millennial village and they have absolutely no interest in it whatsoever. Where guys my generation are happy to try the #NoWanks experiment, I am having a lot of trouble signing up any male under 30. My producer is a proud 23-year-old virgin who has rejected several girls I”€™ve introduced him to, including Mercedes! He”€™d rather fap to a video of her than get her in real life. You can lead a twentysomething to intercourse but you can”€™t make him fuck. When I told him porn was the root of his troubles he replied, “€œNo, thanks”€ to #NoWanks and added, “€œIt’s all I”€™ve got.”€ This is a common refrain from the addicted. They don”€™t stroke their chins and ponder the suggestion. They instantly shake their heads like I”€™m asking the mother of a newborn if she”€™d consider aborting it. Only two guys my age refused the challenge and they both work in different cities than their wives so they often go a week or more without seeing her. I”€™m willing to make an exception for those cases.

I”€™m not saying porn is evil or should be banned. It’s a vice like many others. The unique thing about this addiction is it takes away a young man’s libido, and without a lust for the hunt he ceases to be a man. Soon he has no interest in starting a business or challenging the world. With no manhood or testosterone, he avoids confrontation and now he can”€™t progress as an individual. That’s a self-made prison. Papillon took the warden’s advice, by the way, and eventually escaped. Here’s hoping millennials can do the same.


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