June 23, 2015

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She then ticks off strap-on scenes on Orange Is the New Black (girl-on-girl, obviously) and Broad City (hetero). I tend to avoid the latest fictional TV offerings, and this Vulture.com article was a helpful reminder as to why I stick with Bar Rescue:

Even as Abbi initially balks at her crush Jeremy’s request to be pegged, Ilana finds the request thrilling, a brilliant opportunity. (Abbi would get to be “a pegasus!”) Later in the episode, things go awry not because of the act itself, but because of what Jeremy thinks is Abbi’s dismissiveness with regard to his artisanally hewn dildo.

Vulture.com congratulates society for, er, coming around so fast. Why, back when we were kids, those “€œrabbit”€ vibrator discussions on Sex and the City were such a big deal, right? Today? Amy Schumer with dildos!!!

(What was I saying last week?…)

And before you shrug, “€œSo what?”€ remember that only a couple of years ago, 50 Shades of Grey was just an obscure slice of downloadable fan fiction that middle-aged chicks read surreptitiously on the subway, not a multimillion-selling how-to manual that redefined “€œdeviancy”€ upward.

So what’s, er, behind the pegging phenomenon? The unending feminization of Western men”€”or the need for them to poke their jaded sexual palates? (I understand that “€œanal sex on the first date“€ is already so 2007.)

I don”€™t dare speculate about the next fleshly frontier. (Or should that be “€œback-tier”€?)

Instead, I”€™ll stick with what I know something about, to wit:

The emperor tamarin is gonna be the new baby goat. You bet your ass it is.


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