June 06, 2015

Central Park, New York

Central Park, New York

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And to finish off on an even more depressing note, the inevitability
 of Hillary’s election reminds me of the Papandreou family in Greece:
 The more they stole, the bigger their margin of victory at election 
time. Hillary and Bill Clinton have become truly very, very rich by
 using their charity as a slush fund. They are grifters of the first
 order, people without shame, congenital liars who solicited funds even from a model—$500,000—to speak at Petra Nemcova’s charity that the model began after she survived the 2004 tsunami. The model paid, they collected. Squeezing donors is an art the Clintons have perfected, yet this Bonnie to his Clyde will be the next American president, take it from Taki. It’s too depressing to think of the Clintons back in the White House selling rooms for the night to rich donors, so I just might stay on board the cruise ship with Spectator readers for the next five years.


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