September 26, 2014

Source: Shutterstock

While there are a lot of reasons to want to preserve the planet”€”how about just having enough wilderness and clean rivers and streams for your kids to run around in, or living in a world that still has tigers?”€”that’s an issue entirely unrelated to “€œclimate change,”€ which is little more than a scam to tax the air we breathe and outlaw fire. It hardly strikes me as surprising that while leftist environmentalists left a trail of garbage in their wake, conservative conservationists are at the forefront of protecting endangered species populations.

Which brings us to what climate justice, as it is apparently called now, is really about: the same old church lady who banished ethnic jokes and saucy humor from the workplace now commands that we use weak light bulbs, run air conditioners that exist mostly for show, and drive around in go-karts. If you”€™re rich enough, you can get yourself some indulgences via carbon credits.
“€¨Unsurprisingly, schemes to remedy the world’s problems hatched by the same globalist elites that created them require no sacrifice on their part, but a hell of a lot of it from the little people. 


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