Biden Declares War

Regime-ology is more art than science, as the practitioner is often filling in large blanks in the picture, using small bits that are made public. Guessing at what happened to a regime member who is no longer in team photos is not too hard. The nature of his demise cannot be known, but his fate is easy to guess. Sorting out what is happening when the regime suddenly does something strange is another matter.

This is where we find ourselves with the bizarre speech delivered by Joe Biden at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. The speech was so bizarre that most people, even regime-friendly elements, are struggling to understand it. Add in the ghoulish theatrics that made it appear Biden was giving the speech from the gates of hell, and we are left with an event that defies easy explanation.

The usual suspects will tempt people into thinking it was just a horrible error, but it was a carefully calculated event. The lighting was intentional. The Marines in the background were symbolically guarding the President from imminent attack. Everything about the speech, right down to Biden slurring his words, was carefully planned. The people behind this event were sending a message.

“The vulgar display by Joe Biden was immoral and un-American, but no one in power seems to care.”

The place to start is the text of the speech. The central premise was that democracy is under attack and the solution is to systematically exclude large swaths of the country from the democratic process. Biden did not call these people “imperialist running dogs” but rather used the term “MAGA Republicans.” Clearly the plan was to anathematize the term “MAGA” and thus marginalize the people using it.

It has been obvious for a long time to those who pay attention, but the Stalinist nature of the inner party was clear in the speech. Biden delivered the speech in an angry and menacing way because he truly hates the people he is targeting. He is a vegetable so we have to assume he is merely channeling the unbridled hatred that is the culture of the inner party. Despite the efforts to walk it back, Biden meant every word.

Not so obvious was that the speech was a call to arms against the white population of the country. That is what the inner party means by “MAGA.” Sure, there will be a sprinkling of nonwhites at a Trump event, but otherwise it looks like a picture of long-lost wholesome America before the flood of migrants. The appeal to whites is that it looks like what they were promised by Republicans.

This call to arms against whites is not a new trick. In the Obama years, the inner part created the terrorist group Black Lives Matter. That culminated in the massacre of five Dallas cops by a BLM sniper team. This was celebrated by Hillary Clinton as a step toward equity and justice. It is hard to know, but that may be why Trump scored his improbable victory in the 2016 election.

Of course, the inner party launched a similar attack on the country in the second half of the Trump administration. The highly orchestrated BLM and Antifa riots were a replay of the riots launched by the Obama administration. This time it came with a highly coordinated media campaign, as well as support from Silicon Valley. The end of the Trump years was a race war launched by the inner party.

What we can take from this speech, then, is that the inner party is seeing things in the coming midterm elections that worry them. The Republicans are working hard to throw the election, but maybe they are not doing enough, so this speech was intended to let them know they better lose harder. Given the history of the party, it is safe to assume they are up for the task. The Republicans were born to lose.

The next day, National Review, the flagship publication of Conservative Inc., had a main story denouncing Biden for not declaring war on Iran. The only mention of the speech was a meandering fantasy piece by Katherine Lopez. Otherwise, the conservative establishment was silent on the matter. The reason is they not only agree with Biden but have been calling for the same war since Trump came down the escalator.

The con men and carny barkers who compose conservatism have been at war with the MAGA crowd for more than six years. Here is the declaration of war on Trump voters, signed by a who’s who of conservative grandees. Some have slithered away from their position, like the dingbat Dana Loesch, but most have become more strident in their hatred of Trump voters.

While what is left of the conservative movement was silent after Biden’s call for wide-scale violence against half the country, the sociopaths in the Trotsky cult known as neoconservatism were ecstatic. The bloodthirsty Jennifer Rubin all but called for the elimination of the kulaks while praising the speech. The Trotskyites say that the only way to defend democracy is to eliminate their enemies.

All of this simply makes plain that conservatism was always a con. The so-called right wing offered white Americans a deal: If they embraced all of the left-wing ideas, they could keep their country. White America did just that, but what they got was a foreign invasion, the evisceration of the middle class, and middle-aged men wearing their daughter’s old prom dress while chasing little boys around the school.

Of course, the reason at least half the country now feels betrayed by their leaders and no longer trusts the system is what we saw with the Biden speech. Other than the talk-radio hucksters pitching their wares to the great dispossessed, no one in public life speaks out about what is happening. The vulgar display by Joe Biden was immoral and un-American, but no one in power seems to care.

Therein lies the reason for the speech. The inner party is increasingly paranoid about the great dispossessed. The Trotskyites have slipped their leash and are making open war on the people they claimed to champion. Conservatism is a dumpster fire and the great dispossessed refuse to go back into their pens. The kulaks are waking up so the kulaks must be eliminated. That was the point of the speech.


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