March 25, 2016

Critics of the Page family say they should have warned Lexi this could happen. They say the patriarch, Rusty Page, should have given the baby up at the first request, which was about a year after they took her in. The Pages have also been criticized for starting a GoFundMe page that is up to $36,300 at the time of writing this. I”€™ve looked into all of these allegations and they are all baseless. 36K is a drop in the bucket when compared with their legal fees (Lori is pro bono but their trial lawyer is not). Mr. Page didn”€™t tell Lexi about all this because he assumed the courts were correct when they said he has the right to keep the child. I have come to the conclusion that there is a backlash against the Pages because people simply can”€™t handle the truth. It’s overwhelming.

For the record, I”€™d be fine with Lexi staying with the Pages no matter how underhanded their court dealings were. Outside of abuse, Lexi is clearly better off with the family she’s been with for the past four years. If Rusty did something wrong, throw him in jail. Right now it’s Lexi who is suffering the most and all she’s done is recover from abuse and learn to love a family.

It’s frustrating reading about this when there is so little we can do. The Pages aren”€™t up against a glitch in the court proceedings or some kind of corrupt attorney. They”€™re up against the law itself. The culture is also way more sympathetic to the Indians we abused than the whites who benefited. The law looks reasonable at first glance, but we”€™ve taken a steamroller to pave the road with good intentions and run over entire families in the process.

It’s not going to be easy getting Lexi back. We can sign the petition and donate to their cause. If you”€™re in Los Angeles, I”€™d recommend going to Ron Ridge Drive where people are holding group prayers to show support. When I asked their attorney what we can do, she suggested writing our congressmen and senators to voice our opinion about this case and others like it. That’s the scary part about all this. Lexi is not that unusual. She’s just the first one to make headlines.


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