May 20, 2016

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And finally, we have the least threatening pervert in society. The list of these cases goes on and on and includes a hit single by Van Halen entitled “€œHot for Teacher.”€ You have low-IQ female teachers in loveless marriages sitting in a room full of boners. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and eventually they prey on each other. My favorite was Pamela Rogers-Turner, who violated her parole by sending her teen lover a stunning video of her dancing in lingerie (very hard to find online today). I remember Jimmy Kimmel joking that the boy’s father had passed away shortly after the event because he died of excessive high fives.

The feigned outrage we have about these acts is comical. You”€™ll see mothers cry in the courtroom about a son’s lost innocence. You”€™ll hear prosecutors say, “€œIf the genders were reversed this woman would be buried under the courthouse right now,”€ but the genders aren”€™t reversed. Most kids these days seem to be losing their virginity around 14, so if a boy pops his cherry with his crazy-bitch teacher, well…it’s not exactly prison material. How about we fire the teacher and she gets properly spanked in the privacy of my hotel room?

I haven”€™t really included blacks in all these cases because that’s a whole other world of sexuality. It seems almost every time I talk to a black person about when they lost their virginity, they laugh and bring up some story about when they were 10, 11, or 12. Comedian Tracy Morgan has a bit about his babysitter blowing him when he was a kid. His friend Sherrod Small told a similar story on my show. On Bobby Kelly’s show, black comedian Chris Cotton told stories of banging his cousin when they were both around 10. It is so common in the black community that throwing them all in prison would mean no black community. Lord knows what’s going on with the Asians, especially the Chinese immigrants, and in Mexico the age of consent is 12. Do the 50 million illegals here realize that puts them in category 1?

This is why we have judges. They are supposed to sort through this nonsense and find the nuance. When Scalia was alive, we had hope that SCOTUS would be a stopgap we could use to prevent women in lingerie from being treated the same as men who rape toddlers. Trump’s SCOTUS list looks fantastic (if not a bit heavy on the broads), and he insists it was “€œwell received.”€ The left is driven by the myth of equality and if they take over the Supreme Court, trannies in bathrooms will be the least of our concerns.

Todd Nickerson is right. He’s not the very, very bottom of the barrel, especially when you include rapists and murderers. I”€™m not sure of the proper term we should use”€”perhaps “€œchild molester wannabe”€ or “€œwould-be child molester (weather permitting)”€? If he eventually gets convicted of the act, Obama would like us to refer to him as a “€œjustice-involved individual.”€ No thanks. I think I”€™ll call him a disgusting piece of human garbage and make sure my family is never remotely near anyone like him, bathroom or otherwise.


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