August 02, 2016

Source: BIgstock

I”€™d be even happier if the U.N. blew up, of course. A long shot, but I watched the Berlin Wall fall, and in the year of Brexit and Trump (even Moore’s Law is headed for the door), why not think big?

I don”€™t pretend to understand why one measly crash wiped out zeppelins and the Concorde, respectively, while some like catastrophe can”€™t finally rid us of the post office, The New York Times, and/or one of the Big Three networks.

I simply go with my gut, and on the cable side, it looks increasingly bad for Fox News right now. Glenn Beck’s media empire as well”€”from Forbes list to “€œfail”€ in only a few quarters. And if Trump does win, retirement-age Rush Limbaugh and his increasingly unhappy affiliates may find no further rationale for staying together. What I”€™ve called the Great Re-Sorting of America’s right-wing media and think-tank complex will witness a number of big-name casualties, though”€”maybe even National Review itself?

Admittedly, my predictive record isn”€™t that impressive. No need to rush over to get a glimpse of your nearest snoozing orangutan or sulking leopard while you still can. But a belly-flopping killer whale? Yeah, you may want to buy that ticket sooner rather than later.


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