November 19, 2016

Source: Bigstock

One memory I shall never forget is my piano teacher hiding underneath the instrument she was teaching while an air raid was going on during World War II. So my brother and I went to the garden and played. British and German kids went to school every day and the only time they did not attend classes was when the school had been blown up. Not to mention the poor Japanese kids who were boiled alive daily in their wooden schoolhouses by Curtis LeMay’s B-29s. Seventy years later American kids do not go to school because 60 million of their fellow citizens did not vote the way the little dears wanted them to and that upsets them greatly. Would you say the Western race is improving?

The Donald’s not a great apologizer. I find that quite funny now that we’re living at a time that all we do is apologize for things that we need not apologize for. The other trait I like is his arrogance. When a headline screamed “It’s Trump against the world,” he told his entourage that if it were any other way it wouldn’t be a fair contest. Now everyone’s circling, trying to land jobs in D.C. Even the vile NY Times wants access, having abandoned all fairness and having lost its credibility—hence hemorrhaging readers. (Like all phonies, the owner and executive editor have pledged to try harder and have apologized.)

Basically this was an uprising of the unprotected against the rich elite, a revolt à la Brexit. But what really won it for the Donald was the slogan Black Lives Matter. They do, but lots of folks, as Trumpie calls them, saw that as a threat to law and order. Worse, Hillary embraced it and encouraged the big lie that cops are out to kill blacks. Racial victimology works in schools but not in the Rust Belt or Florida, where cops are seen as the last line of defense against criminals. Take it from Taki. When the world’s biggest unelected asshole, Jean-Claude Juncker, calls a meeting to examine what Europe can do about Trumpism, it’s time to call the men in the white suits and vote for Marine Le Pen. We’ve had two great victories, Brexit and Trump. With Marine’s win it will be a perfect trifecta. Once again, yippee!


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