May 06, 2016

Source: Bigstock

Of course, the editing and voice-over are only the beginning. They had a team of researchers handling The Daily Show‘s side of the argument. In the interview, the producer Stacey Angeles had her iPad ready to further Google any contradictions. “€œI want my information to be correct,”€ barked Minhaj at her when he appeared to be losing. His lap had a pile of notes on it, but they weren”€™t sufficient. They also had weeks afterward to carefully select a morsel that makes their argument look good. In the end, they were forced to pretend my joke was serious and put all their eggs in that basket. It was everything they accuse James O”€™Keefe of doing.

The staff and resources it took to make me look bad was downright alarming. When you factor in rents and salaries it must have cost a fortune to frame me and they still did a terrible job. Millennials will tell you that it’s just a comedy show and I”€™m overanalyzing it, but these same millennials get most of their news from shows like this. They hate Fox News with a passion, but how many of them have watched an episode of Hannity from start to finish? I”€™ve asked them and the answer is almost always “€œWe saw clips of it on The Daily Show.”€ This is the same comedy show that mocked Hannity for exposing spring break as out of control while women were getting gang-raped and murdered. The right has pundits such as Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and yeah, me, who go off for hours a day with no writers and no fake editing. It takes the left a hundred times the resources to do the same thing. The Daily Show is the Special Olympics of competition.

Diversity is our strength and the white male patriarchy needs to be eradicated. We live in a racist, transphobic, homophobic, and sexist country. All you need to do to make this argument is spend a ton of money and hire a bunch of white dudes to make it so. I have a feeling the people in charge of this show know that what they”€™re doing is wrong, but I doubt they recognize it for what it really is: a privilege.


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